He Prayed for What?

he prayed for what

Not sure about you – but every day when I pick up the kids I ask them what they did, and were they good, what letter they’re working on.  Some days Aubrey shares what job she has, but Luke hasn’t ever shared.  Not sure why – but he usually skips over that and just tells me he ate all his lunch.

Last week, when I went to pick up the kids, I had my niece with me and the kids were very excited to show off their classrooms.  Luke ran over to the job board, pulled his name off it, and came running up to me.  I asked him what his job was, and he told me to lead prayer.  Awesome!  We take turns at home leading and also give the kids the chance to share what’s on their hearts as well.

Luke’s teacher walks over and said how with his prayer, he prayed for Mommy and Daddy to get along.

Um, huh?

I tried thinking back to the last time Jon and I fought around the kids. Honestly we don’t fight often, and if there’s much to be said, it’s well after the kids are in bed.  So when Jon came home that night, I asked him.  He couldn’t think of any time either.

So then I tried to imagine myself as a 3 year old and figure out what it meant to NOT get along. Obviously yelling, or saying mean things.  Then I realized, I talk REALLY loud.  So, I grabbed Lukey and asked him if when I talk loud, if he thinks I’m mad at Daddy.


I asked if when Daddy talks loud, does he think he’s mad at Mommy.


So, ya.  Good times. I told him that sometimes, just like Lukey talks REALLY loud and we tell him to use a quiet voice, that adults do the same thing.  And said that next time he thinks we’re not getting along, to ask us if we’re mad.  I don’t want him having mixed messages about us, about our home, about our family.

So, when was the last time your kid said something and you had to decipher what they meant? Share it with me! I know I’m not alone!

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