Hart Park – Newhall, CA {Mommy Daughter Day}

One of the things I was most looking forward to on maternity leave was having some fun times with Aubrey.  There is a small group of women (mostly from church) that have weekly play dates for all the kids.  Most of them are around the same age, with a few older/younger siblings in the mix.  My schedule (and then pregnancy brain, and pregnancy fatigue) prevented me from making any before Luke was born, but I’ve been to a few after.  My mom has been kind enough to watch him while I get some alone time with Aubrey.  But really, she’s loving every minute with her squishy newborn grandson!

The first adventure we went on was to Hart Park {24151 Newhall Ave, Newhall, CA}.  I remember visiting here when I was a kid.  There are animals that you can visit, some you can feed, and plenty of areas for the kids to run around and tire out before nap time. The animals Aubrey was most excited by were the chickens.  CHICKENS??? Yes it’s true.  Anywhere we were, she’d run off to go find them and say “oh HI CHICKENS” and wave.   All the animals near the chickens were chickens.  Even if they happened to be a turkey.

Hart Park - Newhall CA - MelissaDell - Mommy Daughter Day



Hart Park - Newhall CA - MelissaDell - Mommy Daughter Day


She was also very amused by the rocks.  Why – I’m not sure.  I suppose those are fun too.  She was not too thrilled about the super awesome deer that was available to see, nor the horses.  Even though she loves horses!

Hart Park - Newhall CA - MelissaDell - Mommy Daughter Day

Here is her acrobatic skills checking out the large piggies.  Well, I’m sure they’re probably hogs but since you don’t come across that much in childrens’ books, they’re piggies.

She loved the cow and I think she was in awe of how large it is. I know I was.  She warmed up to the other kids in no time, and did a great job listening to stay close by.  At the park there is also a lot of historical buildings and also a huge train.  Well, the engine of the train.  I think it’s the engine.  I know I’ll learn all about that sort of thing as Aubrey and Luke grow up. After visiting the train, we walked to the picnic area where I quickly realized my “mommy fail” in not putting the spoon I took out of the drawer into our lunch sack for our yogurt.  Which was fine because Aubrey lost her steam and was slowly having the traditional toddler meltdown under the picnic bench.

And then she rocked an awesome 3 hour nap. SUCCESS!

If you’re near Santa Clarita, I highly suggest taking a trip to Hart Park! Spend a bit of time there and bring a lunch. Great way to spend a few hours without spending any money! (unless you purchase the feed for animals)



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