Happy Labor Day {early}

Right now everyone’s itching for a holiday weekend.  I know I am. It’s been awhile!  We’re going to a bbq/anniversary bbq/UCLA kickoff bbq on Saturday with our friends.  Then I’ll be hanging out with my cousin and my favorite furry cousin Sunday.  Monday is dedicated to all BDD all the time. What’s that mean? I’ve got some orders to finish up, and I have to HAVE TO work on my website. 

I had sent out an email to past brides asking them how the wedding went, if they could write something up for me for a testimonial for the site, and photos from their wedding. I love hearing about everyone’s different wedding.  One bride lives in Canada and her and her now-husband are dancers. So they choreographed this whole first dance and it’s beautiful. Reminds me of SYTYCD even though I really don’t watch that show. lol.  And I’ve seen so many Fuchsia and Black weddings – LOVE IT.  So sassy!!

So what are you doing for Labor Day? Oh and Don’t forget – Monday is the RHO NJ 2nd part of the reunion! I wonder what psycho Danielle pulls out of her bag.

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