Happy Birthday Aubrey – Four Years


Happy Birthday to my sweet sweet Aubrey.  Without a doubt, on every birthday, just as we start singing Happy Birthday to you, I immediately become overwhelmed with emotions as to how much time has passed.  When everyone says Time Flies – they weren’t kidding.

I swear it was just yesterday that your Daddy & I were walking around our neighborhood just trying to help me go into labor.  We walked a lot those last few weeks – only to realize you weren’t ready to come on time.  My how funny that is now – since we see the same sort of thing with your personality.

When Lukey was born, you were practically a baby yourself.  Now, seeing you as a four year old, anxiously awaiting the birth of your youngest sibling, you are SO excited and like to tell me how we’re going to share the baby, and you give hugs and kisses to my belly and talk to the baby.  You tell us you want to have a little sister since you don’t have one of those.  That’s true, you don’t.  But we won’t know for another few weeks what will be completing our family.

What will you be when you grow up? Not sure. But whatever you become, you’re going to do it with a ton of compassion and care.  All the time your teachers comment about how much attention and love you give to the other kids, especially if they’re hurt or scared.  You have such a tremendous love and spirit for God and watching you dance and sing and shout about the Lord just makes me so happy.

Watching you interact with Lukey is amazing.  Sometimes I feel it’s only a few weeks that separate you two in age, as he tries so hard to keep up with you and you try to teach him new things.

Now, don’t get me wrong, every day you push my limits and give me the opportunity to learn from all the experiences and figure out the best way to be your Mommy.  But as you’re learning, so am I.  You’re not a snuggler but you are a lover.  I just hope and pray that our birthday celebrations will be for numerous years.  You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, when skies are gray.  I love you Aubrey.


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    So sweet, happy birthday to your adorable first-born! I still remember her first birthday, can’t believe how fast it all went. Girl’s trip to vegas for her 21st? haha

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