Happy Birthday Aubrey {2 years}

Dear Aubrey,

Today, my love, you are 2 years old. It’s cliche to say – but the time has flown by. You seemed to also grow overnight as soon as Luke was born. You have become a chatty toddler who is hilarious. Just last week we realized you’d stand at the top of the stairs and yell “Jon, Can you put the milk in the water?” Which is what I would say to your daddy when getting your night bottle ready. How you soaked this up and remember it to say at any point, is just beyond me. You have your daddy & me laughing all the time. Yes, sometimes there is also frustration mixed in but you always have us laughing.

One of our favorite things is when you put on our shoes and parade around the living room. Last week your daddy sent me a video of you trying to play soccer with his shoes on. You did a good job! And another change is your hair. At your first birthday, you had just a tiny bit. Now you’re able to sport both pig tails AND a pony tail. Although we just call them 1 pony tail or 2 pony tails.

Your vocabulary is insane. Some of my favorite words to hear you say is Buke (what you call Luke), Octopus (you focus on each syllable) and Orange-ity (which is how you say orange.) I always want to remember your sweet little voice talking and identifying things around the house, or as we’re driving. We play little games in the car (mainly to keep you awake to prevent car-ride naps) and one is “is that mommy’s car? nooooooo” and you say it over and over unprompted. Your sweetness & innocence make my heart swell with joy.

We had some rough moments with time outs, and frustrations during potty training. But we’re working on both, and it’s making us learn how each other works. You are very smart, and can also be very stubborn. You like to see how far you can push things, but you’re quick to obey when you know we mean business. You love to dote on your brother and you’ve learned to whisper “shhhhh baby buke’s sweeping” when you get up at 6:15am. On a Saturday.

You love to dance, and I love hearing you sing along to some of your favorite tv shows. You love Daniel Tiger (still) and have some new favorite shows too – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins, and Justin Time. I like being silly with you and dancing around to the Hot Dog Dance while I finish up dinner.

You might not be a snuggler all the time, but it just makes the times you lay down next to me even more special. You are starting Preschool this week and then you’ll be learning so much more, I’m sure. I can’t wait to watch you get bigger and smarter every day.

You will always be my favorite little girl. You will always be the best big sister. You will always be surprising me with all you know. I love you Aubrey!!! Happy 2nd birthday!



  1. Kira says

    Very sweetly written! What a doll she is. Such a blessing I’m sure. My daughter will be turning two in three months and I can’t wait for her vocabulary to really take off and develop! I have to agree with the snuggling… before bedtime is the only snuggle time we still have and I cherish it.

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