Happy Anniversary {Year 4}

Today is our anniversary, and sadly we’re spending it apart 🙁  He’s away on business but we’ll be celebrating it this weekend instead.  Can’t believe it’s been FOUR YEARS!!! Wowie! Here’s a brief history of us.

Jon and I went to high school together. I didn’t really meet him till senior year.  I was BFFs with my friend Michele and she hung out with him and his friends.  We all went camping together that spring break, and hung out at prom together.  Graduated, spent the beginning of summer as a group, then I ventured off to college (2000).  Came back (2002), and lived life.  Graduated college (2004), started life back at home.  A year later, started hanging out with some of the high school friends, and re-met jon.   By the end of that summer, hanging out was a regular thing (as friends).  Then, my roomie at the time, and Jon, and another friend, (my “twin” Corney), all went out to get some pumpkins.  Except, looking for pumpkins isn’t fun without some booze.  So, we had some dinner, had some drinks, and struck out shopping for pumpkins.  Went back out for more drinks, and met a waitress and all started chatting. Drunk Melissa decided GREAT IDEA! take photos with jon.  Then Kiss Jon. Then apparently suck face with jon for the rest of the night.

Lucky for us, we realized there was something more than just a random night of drinking & pumpkins.  Three years to the night, we got married.  Then another 3 years later (well, subtract four days), Aubrey was born.  Today marks 7 years together.  Thank goodness neither of us have gotten that 7 year itch ;o) Love you babe!


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