Happy 2 months Luke!

Dear Luke,

Happy 2 months little guy! Each day passes more quickly than the last.  In the past month we’ve had some more fun outings – including a trip to Irvine to meet little Sofia and to Grandpa’s pool – although you stayed inside the entire time.  We celebrated the birthdays of both your grandparents (my side) and we’re gearing up for more birthdays this month!

We had a huge change to our diet with the realization that the dairy protein is not your friend.  But it’s ok. I can manage some time away from dairy if it means you are into your own sleep pattern of going to bed between 8-9 and sleeping for about 8 hours straight.  This will bode very well as Mommy head back to work this month. Boo.  Your hair is still very red/blonde and Daddy thinks you’ve snuck a smile or 2 in. I haven’t seen it yet but a lot of the time you’re with me, you’re eating so you’re preoccupied.

Your sister loves you to pieces and is always asking where you are when she can’t find you.  Most of the time “Baby Buke” is sleeping.  So she parades around saying Shhhhh Buke Sweeping.  It’s cute. And when she does find you? GOOD MORNING BUKE!!!!

You had your 2 month old visit with the doc and you’re weighing in at 12 lbs 8 oz and the height is a bit off but it’s somewhere around 23″.  You do not like your carseat unless it’s moving – either by us swinging it or you’re in the car.  But in the car we must be actually driving as you hate stops at red lights.

Love you little guy! Can’t wait to see more of your personality show this month!





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    Melissa he is such a cutie!! My boy is 4 months old now, the time does fly! My boy HATES when the car seat stops moving! Getting out of town between stop signs and stop lights, is a nightmare!
    Love your blog!



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