Happy 1 month Luke

I can’t believe you are 1 month old! The night before you hit a month (July 28th) I was holding you as you were falling asleep and couldn’t believe that a month before I was laying in a hospital bed and thinking about what you’d be like when we met the first time.



In the first month, you’ve gone to lunch at a mongolian bbq place, been to the park, gone to church, went to your first luau, met all the other recent babies at a baby shower for another friend, been kissed, hugged, loved, and adored. You are also 100% boy with all your manerisms in the uh, bathroom capacity.

You are growing so much and almost too big for some of your newborn outfits, including the one we brought you home in. Your hair is still present, and glorious, and I have put it out there that I believe you’ll be a strawberry-blonde with brilliant blue eyes. Time will tell. Love you my little guy!


Me and my babies


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    Oh my goodness, that’s a precious photo! The hair! It made me smile. I thought my first had a lot of hair until my second was born. They grow up to fast!

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