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Twitter is a powerful tool. If you’re not on there, you should be.  You can have direct access to pretty much any professional, anyone in the same stage of life as you, friends, celebrities, possibilities are endless.  I’m on Twitter (@Melissa_Dell) and back when Pregnant in Heels came on with Bravo, I was pregnant. But I didn’t tune in. Primarily because I watch everything via my DVR and new shows really are forgotten about until after they’ve been on awhile.  But I started seeing different hashtags reflecting the show and somehow I stumbled upon one tweeter – @ocbabyplanner.  I started following Denise to see some what she had to say – expecting it to be a lot like some of what is portrayed on the show on Bravo.  But I quickly learned that she had a broader spectrum – and yes, perhaps less drama than the TV show because reality tv is all about the drama!

She started following me back and we would chit-chat here and there based on one another’s posts and soon I friended her on Facebook too.  I checked out her site and saw what she had to offer and one of the courses – Happiest Baby – intrigued me.  I have taken the opportunity with this pregnancy to research anything and everything.  If you had asked me 2 years ago if I’d ever cloth diaper – No.  Use a moby {aka, baby-wear} – probably not. And mainly because that thing is WAY confusing.  Puree my own baby food? Probably not.   But now, I’m looking into all those things – mainly because I’m always looking to save a buck to use on something else.

So in August Denise contacted me to see if I’d be interested in coming to her class that she offers once a month.  I said sure! {yes, I did attend the class for free. But no, she did not ask me to review the class, nor do I feel pressured to have my review be one way or the other. This is me, being honest people!}.  Jon wasn’t able to make it so she said I could bring anyone that would be helping with childcare. PERFECT! My mom came with.

We were told to bring a notepad, swaddle blanket, and water.  She provided us with a baby if ours was still in utero.  So we did. And we were with 2 other couples – one expecting their first, and another expecting their second.  The small group was fantastic because I felt comfortable asking any question {regardless of how ridiculous it seemed} and Denise was able to move around the room to critique our performance of the 5 S’s.

I feel like I learned a lot {especially since I only knew 2 of the 5 S’s going in…} and we walked away with handouts from Denise, as well as the notes we took {and I took as many as I possibly could!} as well as a DVD of Happiest Baby on the Block to review later on. And also to have Jon watch too.  Because it’s of no help to me if he’s unaware of how to calm down Baby A too!  I’m hoping once she’s here, some – if not all – the steps work and the weaning steps work too! Because no one wants a child who is 3 or 4 that still needs to be swaddled and swung and shhh’d to sleep!

So if you’re in the LA/OC/SD area – make a weekend of it – take the class, and enjoy a day at the beach the following day! Contact Denise via the webTwitter or Facebook for more information! Any knowledge you get will prepare you for parenthood. Just have to be open to something new!

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