Halloween 2012

Now with Aubrey in our lives, it’s fun to get to do all the cool kid stuff each holiday. Last year I enjoyed the pumpkin patch, photos with Santa, (missed the Easter Bunny though), and this year we’re starting the holiday season off right!  We headed out to our neighborhood pumpkin patch – Lombardi Ranch – with another family to see the pumpkins, the scarecrows, and get some family photos.  The weather was hot – around 80 degrees (warmer the later it got) and it was really crowded – but since the ranch is so large we didn’t notice it too much. Got some great photos, check it out!

Melissa Dell Halloween 2012 1

 Each year we’re going to take full advantage of this height chart! She’s grown a lot!

Melissa Dell Halloween 2012 2

Aubrey and her friend Jaxon. He really wanted to get her attention. She really didn’t want it. Remember boys are bad Aubrey!!!

Melissa Dell Halloween 2012 3


Melissa Dell Halloween 2012 4

 Silly Dell Family

Melissa Dell Halloween 2012 5

Another traditional family shot – going to do it each year!

Melissa Dell Halloween 2012 6

 There’s a “scarecrow alley” in which different groups do their own display. This was done by one of the high school dance teams and it’s also one of our new favorite shows. Love what they did!


    • says

      Ha ha. The hubs and I only started watching this summer. Still about 4 episodes behind from last season. But yes addicted!! Oh and we saw Ali at our church one day!!!

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