Griffith Park Birthday Party – Unicorn Theme

unicorn birthday party ideasBefore we moved into this current house, Jon and I didn’t have the space to entertain for Aubrey’s parties. Before each birthday, we’d sit and try and come up with ideas for where to have the party.  Since we didn’t know when we’d actually have a house with a big yard, we sometimes talked about future birthdays (when she’s older and they turn into more of a kid’s party than an entertain-the-adults party) and heading to the beach, Chuck E. Cheese, or other cool, different places.

Last month, my little sis turned 5 and my dad & stepmom (well, probably more my stepmom) threw her a unicorn party at Griffith Park.  We all showed up, the kids jumped, ate, rode ponies, and everyone went home tired.  My kids took a SUPER long nap and actually fell asleep within 5 minutes in the car.  If you’re thinking of having a Griffith Park birthday party, what should you keep in mind?  First, depends where you want to have it.  The park is massive (over 4000 acres) and has a few different spots to host parties.  We got off on the wrong exit and took the detour through many different grassy areas with parking on a Saturday morning and saw about 5-10 parties.  Our party was by the Pony Rides (actual address to plug in is 4400 Crystal Springs Dr.)

Griffith Park  Birthday Party Destination



It’s a first come, first serve for most of the park.  My dad set up shop to reserve the space early and waited for the bounce house to be delivered.  If you do add this element to your birthday party, note you will need a permit for that (and a generator for the bounce house as there’s no electricity).

Griffith Park  Birthday Party Destination

We were a short walk to the restrooms & pony rides.  Most of the area was shaded but I would suggest bringing a few EZ-Ups for additional coverage since you don’t know if you’ll get the “best” spot!  Pony rides are $3 a ride and they go twice around the lap.  Aubrey LOVED it. I was so surprised. She had no problems being buckled in and led off to gallop (slowly) around the track.  For older kids, they have faster ponies.  A few of them (including the on my little sister rode around on) galloped SO fast it had her giggling most the lap.Griffith Park  Birthday Party Destination Our spot also offered a really great tree and the kids had lots of opportunities to whack at the pinata.  I think every kid went through the line twice before it finally gave way.  One kid analyzed all the cracks already made and was strategizing which point was the weakest.  Aubrey just tried to swing and hit it.  I think my dad had some fun teasing the kids by raising it high just before they swung at it.

Griffith Park  Birthday Party Destination

Between the bounce house, food, and pony rides, the whole party was around 3-4 hours. If you have a large group, the pony rides can take awhile as they only have so many ponies per type (slow, medium & fast).  Happy planning!

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  1. Sara says

    Just reading about your party. It’s exactly what I was thinking of doing for my 5 year old! One question, what time did your dad get there to hold the area? Did he reserve it and leave or sit there until the party started?



    • says

      Hi Sara! He got there pretty early. Maybe 7? It was summer time so a popular time and was light, early. He did stay because when the party rental stuff was dropped off he had to set up. I believe you can pay to reserve spots too but don’t quote me. It’s been a few years!

  2. Elizabeth Bille says

    Hi Melissa,

    Where exactly did you guys have your party at? Was it near the pony ride area? Are there areas to host a party right next to pony rides? I want to have the pony rides accessible to the kids.


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