Going on a Road Trip

We will soon be  officially heading out on the longest roadtrip to date with the kids.  And yet, not to the hottest location.  Hottest to date is definitely the trip we took to Palm Springs 2 summers ago with them.  That was our first trip with 2 kids in a hotel room without any family to help.  And this trip will be the first with 3 kids and no family to help.

We are  going to Las Vegas.  We will not be having the crazy shenanigans trip we had before we were married.  There will be more time spent at the pool than at the casino.  Late nights at the club will be spent inside hanging with friends.

We are going with 2 other families and all of our eight kids are of similar ages.  One family has been to the resort before, and the other 2 – it’s new to us.  It’s going to be an adventure any way you figure it out.

We found out there’s a magic pet show if we want to venture to, there’s always Circus Circus.  We’re loading up on movies and snacks and of course, wine 🙂


photo from first day of school

So, tips for Vegas with little ones? I’ll be living in the water. lol


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