God Made Dirt, So Dirt Don’t Hurt

That was pretty much my motto the entire weekend we went camping.  We went for 3 nights, and at one point we were 5 families with 8 kids and 15 lbs of dirt covering them.  I think 10 lbs were just on Luke alone.   The last time we all went camping (in 2012) Aubrey was 6 months old and there was only 1 other kid that camped.  It was easy to keep track of them since they didn’t move (much).  But double the kids in our family – holy moly!  All adults were playing Zone coverage to keep an eye on the campground street and also the free exit out to the main entry point.  We had kids hiding in tents, behind tents, by (parked) cars, and under picnic tables.

I thought twice about bringing my big camera for fear of dirt.  But I realized that being outdoors for so long, I would be able to hopefully grab some incredible shots during the Golden Hour. And I am SO glad I brought it.  I was able to capture the kids in their element – Dirt.  The last night the only 2 families left (ours and another) headed to the beach for sunset.  We went to Carpinteria State Beach – which is about 30 or so minutes south of Santa Barbara.  I camped their every summer growing up.  When I was walking Luke around (trying to have him nap) I had flashbacks to playing in the trees, singing songs by myself with my walkman on, and just thought how incredible/funny/odd to be there so many years later walking my baby boy.




Helping Daddy set up a tentcarp56

The campground faucet. Fun for all


S’mores for breakfast




See, Dirt. Always


The wagon was a campground favorite


We had a friend.


The dirty guy taking Aubrey’s potty on a walk. Each step he’d stop, wave, and yell BYE BYE!


Family Photo


You can still see the dirt/sand with the gorgeous lighting


Three’s a crowd


Sunsets with Friendscarp123

My world – Jon, Luke & Aubrey

We all talked about not letting another 2+ years pass before doing this again. We’re going to try again in the late spring with kids a bit older, and nights a bit warmer.


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