If You Give A Kid A Pumpkin


So, just going to start off by saying – Jon and I are totally winning the Parents Of The Year award.  You see, we went to our local pumpkin patch with the kids and realized as we were walking in – we had no cash.  I have no idea if they even take a debit card but we thought no biggie we can totally leave without buying a pumpkin.



Aubrey started gathering all the mini pumpkins in our wagon and was quite upset when I told her we weren’t buying any.  It was probably the saddest thing ever.  I slightly redeemed myself by getting some larger pumpkins later that week at the market and busting out our Crayola washable paints to use for decorating. I covered our table top with a trash bag and set up a paper plate full of paint for each kid.



Luke was not a fan.  In fact the only reason he had any paint on his pumpkin was because I put his hands it in and helped him smear it all over.  He just kept staring at his hands like this until I wiped it off.  But Aubrey, on the other hand…


She was totally fine decorating hers AND his.  She’s a funny kid.  She kept asking for more colors but I kept telling her it’s just going to turn more “gray” (as she kept calling it)


Once we were done, I grabbed plenty of wipes and cleaned them off.  The pumpkins are sitting on our front porch but the paint has started to peel off. I wonder if it’s from the slick-ness of the pumpkins? Maybe next year we’ll graduate to carving pumpkins 😉



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