Girl’s Night In {baking & snacking}

December is one of my favorite months.  The malls and stores are all decorated (and parking lots jammed), little girls and boys with Santa start showing up on my Instagram & Facebook page (it’s funny to see the crying ones, although I do truly feel sad for them being scared!), Holiday parties are scheduled and enjoyed, my birthday arrives, and baking commences.  Scheduling is rough though.  But with some really awesome friends, we were able to reschedule the holiday baking party hosted by MJ at her casa and I think she was a bit surprised that we DID actually bake.  Our friends – we are do-ers!   I realized about half way that I didn’t take photos. I did snap some.


First, we showed up to a great array of snacks, and we picked up some Thai food for dinner.  We chatted and ate and drank and then, on to baking!  MJ had already made cream cheese brownies before we arrived (so her apartment smelled amazing) and the first thing up was Kristan with her sweet/savory snacks.  Of course, we had to use some tools.

Girls Night In - Baking & Snacking 1

The hammer came down on the peppermint sticks. Hammer Time!

Girls Night In - Baking & Snacking 2

The chilled sweet/savory snacks – pretzel square, Hershey’s kiss, and peppermint topper


Then, Oreo Rice Krispy treats were made (also using the hammer), then white chocolate chip, milk chocolate chip, and macadamia nut cookies, blondies from Trader Joe’s, and lemon squares.  Due to some inaccurate readings on the package, we were not able to take some of those home. They need 2+ hours to chill!


Then in to the oven went MORE snacks from Trader Joe’s. I will politely decline telling you how many of these feta cheese/caramelized onion pastry puffs I ate.

Girls Night In - Baking & Snacking 3

Girls Night In - Baking & Snacking 4

It was a great evening with a lot of food, great friends, and closet shopping with MJ. We all left with goodie bags and it was a truly amazing night! Thanks ladies!!!

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