Girl Time

It seems like lately, the lives of my girlfriends (and me!) have been set on super-fast-forward mode.  We are so immersed in our day to day lives with husbands, babies, jobs, etc, that weeks can pass (or months!) and we realize there hasn’t been any time for us – as a group.  But it’s not always easy to just get together on a random night (especially last minute) to get some girl time in.  But, that’s where I’m thankful to the time we live in.

It seems as though the more moms I have on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@melissa_dell), the more I see the same type of images – a baby monitor and a glass of wine on a Friday/Saturday night.  This is what our lives have become, but we’re not sad about it. We love & embrace it.  But many times it’s a bit lonely.  I love Jon more than anything in the world (well, along with Aubrey) but there’s just something about having some time with the ladies.

Every now and then, it seems as if fate steps in, babies are down easily, and we all congregate to one special outlet – Twitter.  There have been some nights where there are 4 or more of us chatting, replying, and enjoying a different definition of Girl’s Night Out.  We talk about anything. One night there was about 7 of us on a chain talking about Titanic and reminiscing about when we first saw it in high school.  We all planned to go see it together, but Life happened and it was out of theaters before we could really make it happen.

Skype is another great tool to keep up with girlfriends. I remember someone posting a photo on Instagram with their setup – 2 other friends on video, and a glass of wine accompanying them. I can’t recall who it was, but if it was you, that’s a brilliant idea!  Most of my friends have iPads, but not all the same generation with the forward-facing camera.  Or laptop. But we’ll make it happen one of these times!

How do you stay in touch with girlfriends, when you can’t always make it out of the house??

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