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Let me tell you a little story.  When Aubrey was a baby, we’d do mini photo shoots each month.  I’d dress her up in tutus, ribbons, bows, all kinds of fun.  I love having a girl.  Then I heard about custom photo cases that ACTUALLY last so I bought one.  It was by Uncommon and it was their Capsule 2-piece case.  I used one of my favorite photos of Miss Aubrey at a darling 5 months of age.  And then Aubrey grew.  And I kept my phone.  And every time I’d go out, I’d be on it and people would say how ADORABLE  it was and how CUTE. And then I’d say “ya, she’s older now….”

But I couldn’t justify spending another $40 since I wasn’t sure when I would be replacing my iPhone 4.  Before I knew it, I had a second baby and I REALLY needed a new case.  As soon as I upgraded my phone, I contacted Uncommon and here we are!


My old 2 piece Capsule case and my new Gallery case


One of the reasons I wanted another Uncommon case was their products are outstanding.  I had my phone in this case for almost 20 months.  I’ve dropped it, it’s been knocked around, and this is the damage on it after so long.  Uncommon uses amazing 3D TATT printing to really have the ink go below the surface of the case.  What’s TATT stand for? Thermo-Active Transdermal Technology.  Hi-tech baby!  

But let me tell you about the new case I received and WHY I chose this one – the Gallery.



The Gallery is a 2 piece case in a different way.  The outer part slips snugly around your phone, and the 2nd piece is the photo back.  So, you can EASILY replace the back Gallery Plate with a NEW ONE for $15 bucks! What does this mean for me? It means I will be updating the photos on the back much more frequently than every 20 months.  It also means I will be purchasing a plate that is branded for blogging conferences.  How cool is that?  The outer part of the case is slightly rubberized and offers protection. I’ve already dropped my phone.  Luke’s dropped my phone, and Aubrey’s dropped my phone.  It protects your phone and their case doesn’t crack.  And it’s a cinch to upload your photo and preview how it will look before ordering it. Anyone can do this!

Uncommon carries customizable photo phone cases for the iPhone 5/5S, the 5C, the 4/4S and 3G/3GS.  They also carry solid color deflectors for you iPod, MacBook (Air & Pro) and your iPad!  Visit their site and also check out their amazing Power Gallery phone case.  You can more than double your battery life with it! Great for bloggers & travelers!

Thank you, Uncommon, for providing me with an updated photo case of my babies!

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