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Fruit Trees - Lemon Trees

I’ve been sharing on Instagram our #FarmerDell updates with all the fruits & vegetables we planted a few weeks ago.  Some more time has passed and we’ve been adding to our future “field.”


In the back of our yard, we had a few trees that are now a mystery to us.  We know one is a Grapefruit tree (which helped create this amazing dish), and then the three others have been creating amazing blooms which give off a beautiful fragrance.  It’s a complete guessing game at this point, but I knew, after living in our last rental, we needed to have a lemon tree.  We used the lemons so often last year, and the taste that came from a homegrown one was a completely different experience than the ones I’d purchase in the stores.  I went online and checked Edible Fruit Trees and saw there was a few different options for us.  While you can purchase & have delivered live trees, I decided to take Luke on an adventure and see if we could find some locally!Monrovia Edible Lemon Tree Plant | Melissa Dell | Farmer Dells I will give you warning – our local nursery did NOT have traditional shopping carts.  I carried Luke through most the store out to the back, but he’s a big kid.  He was obsessed with the Green Thumb truck you see in the back and so we had to take a detour to check it out before searching for a Fruit Tree. We found a tangelo tree but I wasn’t sure what citrus it was..  I texted Jon and he was like “what is a Tangelo? A Tangerine and a ….?”  I did a google search and sent him the info but I had my heart set on a Lemon tree.  So Luke and I wandered around, and I showed him some Apple trees, and some flowers.  When we were walking back towards the Tangelos, I spotted a lonely Lemon tree.  It was destiny!!! I asked the nursery worker what else we would need, and she suggested Cactus Soil.  So I bought both, had them loaded up in the car, and we drove home. Monrovia Edible Lemon Tree Plant | Melissa Dell | Farmer Dells Originally, I had plans to dig a gigantic hole, and have it sit right along where our other trees are.  They are spaced far enough apart that this one should fit in well. Monrovia Edible Lemon Tree Plant | Melissa Dell | Farmer Dells You can see where I placed it (those smaller stacked containers are strawberry plants that should sprout up later this summer!).  But then on Saturday night, when I ventured out with some friends, Jon started working on sketches for a distant project for our backyard. Monrovia Edible Lemon Tree Plant | Melissa Dell | Farmer Dells So in the somewhat distant future, all the trees will be dug up, and the space you see behind the trees will be filled in with dirt.  There will be a new retaining wall, vinyl fencing, some other greenery shrubs.  I asked him where are the fruit trees.  He said “Gone.” WHAAAAT???? So, We have a new plan.  I’m going to be transplanting this lemon tree into a bigger container, where we can move it when we need to.  As for the other fruit trees we already have, I have no idea! I hope we can dig them up and relocate them! They smell heavenly! Do you have any edible plants in your yard?  You should definitely check out what grows best in your climate! And once you have your lemons – check out these recipes!

Lemon Roasted Veggies | Meal Planning

Lemon Roasted Veggies    

homemade champagne vinaigrette

 Champagne Vinaigrette 



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