Friday Night Lights – Warner Bros Mom Taping

Last week I had a pretty awesome opportunity.  Well, if you follow me on Twitter, you might know that I’m notorious for just jumping into conversations online. Oh heck, it’s really anywhere.  If I see something interesting, and have something to share, I have a pretty bad habit of just jumping in.  So before the holidays, my step-mom, Beth Hall, gave us the heads up she got a call that Mom (on CBS), called to have her play a part in an upcoming episode.  I have seen Mom a few times – but when it first came on the air (it’s currently in their 2nd season) – we didn’t have cable and I only caught the first 2 online and then that was it.  But I do remember laughing and I might have even sent a tweet out about it.

The premise is something typical for what most of us experience in family life – not as many perfect white picket fences, but more colorful with different situations that affect all those around us.  In the show, there is Anna Farris (Christy) who plays a mom to a teenage daughter and a pre-teen son.  I think he’s around 9?10?  She’s a recovering alcoholic and her mom (who is also recovering) is played by Allison Janney.  By the end of the first season, more hard-hitting topics came up with teenage pregnancy, and adoption.  This season has not shied away from other hard topics and it’s a careful balance between comedy and tragedy.

Anyways, the show is really funny. It’s definitely an adult show, no kids should be watching.  I went with Carolyn, and we stopped to grab dinner nearby ahead of the taping.  Beth warned it could be a little or a long time waiting, so I messaged a friend that works at WB to see what she recommended.  She said Sweetsalt Restaurant in Toluca Lake and oh wow, how good!

Sweetsalt Toluca Lake - Fig &  Bleu Cheese Salad with Salmon

Fig & Blue Cheese Salad with Salmon.  Recommended from an employee

Sweetsalt Restaurant Crunchy Nutella Macaron

Crunchy Nutella macaron

We talked a bit of business, and about how things were going with her girls gearing back up for school, and then off we went.  We were VIP so no wait for us. This was AWESOME.  We were also told to leave phones in the car.  But we’re bloggers…and so, ya, we snuck them in. We never used them until everyone left and we were allowed down to the set with Beth.

During the taping (which was over 3 hours!!!) there was a comedian doing jokes, we received a slice of really good pizza, and were given a sneak of the full episode leading up to the filming we were there for.  I’ve never been in a studio audience before (talk shows don’t count in my opinion) but it was really fun! I was nervous, on the retakes of scenes, that I wouldn’t laugh again.  But thank heavens that wasn’t the case!  I laughed A LOT.  I think, at one point, I even laughed at a line no one else laughed at. Whoops.

After the show, when Beth showed us around, I was stunned at how large the set was!  There were about 150 or so people in the audience, and the set had over 6 different scenes set in front of us.  On the sides there were even more.  During filming, the scenes filmed there were shown to us on TV so we could watch & respond.

On the set of Mom for Warner Bros

Blogger & Social Media Rule Breaker

On the set of Mom for Warner Bros

I was fascinated by it all, and if Beth’s ever back, I totally want to go with Jon!

Have you ever been a part of a studio audience? How was it?


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    I used to be able to watch some sitcoms taped live (back when I was an intern in college); but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen one. That sounds like a lot of fun; plus some great company!

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