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Once the morning sickness subsides, ask any pregnant woman what she wants to eat.  ALL THE THINGS will probably be her answer.  Sometimes cravings are things she usually enjoys.  And sometimes they’re very random and peculiar – ya know, like pickles.  Big 5 pound tubs of pickles.  (been there, done that).

Last month I got the most amazing email in my inbox.  Pretzilla wanted to know if I’d like some fresh pretzels DELIVERED.  I love love pretzels.  When in St. Louis, I loved that every where we ate, there were pretzels on the menu. I loved mine with a side of yellow mustard (but I’d never turn it down with marinara sauce or warm cheese).  So I said YES! and then got it.  I made this unboxing video and you can see my excitement over the  delivery!

Mmmm. So since getting the box, I’ve enjoyed some of their goodies and have even more stashed away in the freezer for another day.  That’s right – since they’re delivered so fresh, they recommend storing some in your freezer to enjoy later!  So far, we’ve had the mini pretzel buns and the pretzel bites with cheese.

Pretzilla - fresh pretzels delivered to your door

Pretzilla - fresh pretzels delivered to your door

Aubrey and Jon ate the sliders but didn’t warm them up first. I think he should have!  I toasted my pretzel bites according to the information on the back of the package.  The cheese was not my favorite, but the star of the show – PRETZELS!! – were amazing.  I dipped them in mustard and I can’t wait to try the other ones I received with marinara sauce and nacho cheese.  They’re great on Instagram too – except if you’re pregnant because a lot of the images feature a really tall cold beer and I have to wait a bit to enjoy that pairing.

What’s one of your favorite snack foods? If it’s pretzels – order some today!


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Thank you for the delicious care package! My preggo heart is VERY happy!

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