Last year, in the summer, there was a lot of darkness around me.  One thing I did post about was the loss of my cousin who was more than just a cousin (well, cousin-in-law since he married my actual cousin Christy). Our whole family grieved.  But, what wasn’t told was another layer of mourning that was also going on.

My name is Melissa and I had a miscarriage.

Yes, I have suffered through that loss, after trying for almost 9 months to conceive.  I don’t know whether I was ashamed or embarassed, felt like I failed as the 1 main duty of a woman. But I just didn’t feel like sharing. Until now.

Earlier this year I wanted to join a new site that was being created. I emailed the editor to tell her a bit about me, and what I could bring to the table.  The first topic I felt like it was time to talk about was the miscarriage.  So I wrote it in 2 parts.  Part one posted last week, and part two posted today. I hope you’ll read, comment, whatever.

It feels like a huge weight has been lifted!

Part one: Love, Check. Marriage, Check. Babby Carriage, TBD

Part two: Healing after a miscarriage


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    Wow Melissa, I had no idea… I can’t really say anything other than, it’s really brave of you to share and I wish you and Jon all the best in creating your future!

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