For Bloggers: How To Write Sponsored Posts

As a blogger, I have worked many years on building up my audience and figuring out how I want my voice to come across.  The reason I started this blog so many years ago, and continued on with it, was to be a story teller – just as I had been growing up and my love of writing.

So now, with technology, I’m able to take the stories that would normally just sit flat in a journal or whatnot, and breathe in life through photos and some wittiness (or, so I think) to have it be shared with others.

Along the way, that has transformed into opportunities to review products that fit our lifestyle, or to go on certain types of adventures or try new restaurants in exchange for sharing with you.  It’s also brought in the opportunity to receive paid compensation to help with the costs of every day life- diapers, diapers, diapers.  For awhile this year, I even tracked the financials of my blogs – reporting the good, the bad and the ugly. How not ever month for a blogger can bring in money.  Sometimes, it costs us more than what we bring in.  I’m a medium blogger, I’m not a huge name, and that’s completely fine with me.

Another thing that I love, which ties in to the the sharing, is helping other bloggers grow.  I’ve been one of the co-partners of SoCal Lady Bloggers for over 2 years now and have been helping women through our Facebook group mainly with my crazy passion for all things tech. Carolyn & I have put on workshops for our members with the help of other talented ladies to teach their wisdom.

And now Carolyn and I have branched again to reach even MORE bloggers and help THEM grow.

Everyone is Getting Sponsored Posts - Why Not Me


Our Beta program will be done through a private, closed Facebook group which will allow us to have a lot of interaction with the testers.  Our course is aimed at new-ish bloggers, who have been writing for a bit to discover their style, but aren’t quite at the point to where they feel confident in reaching out and working with brands.  All the details are on the website for our business – Social Elements Media – as well as the contact form to be considered.  Our Beta group will be selected soon, since, ya know, I’m about to have a baby and all 🙂

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