Flashback Monday – Luke’s First Day of Preschool

Oh man, this post I realized is very overdue.  First, a photo of a VERY happy boy.


Pretty much as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew preschool was in the future for Luke.  We didn’t want him to start in the fall because my mom was still able to watch him.  So we decided to start him in the new year when they reopened after Christmas break for 2 days a week.  Every now and then – he or Aubrey would ask when Luke would go to school.  Explaining time is really tough on  toddlers.  (PS – when do you switch from Toddlers to Kids in reference? What age?)  We used Ryan’s birth as a timeline.  “Once Mommy has her baby, then we have Christmas, then Lukey goes to school.”  It worked ok for awhile.  But then once I went on maternity leave it seemed more difficult to keep Luke from crying each time I’d take Aubrey to school.

After having Ryan, there was about 3 weeks before the break.  It was really hard on Luke.  He was having a hard time understanding why he couldn’t sit with me all the time like we used to.  I tried telling him he could sit with me after I fed Ryan, or after I burped Ryan.  But he wanted me all the time.  Plus, after having a baby,  there’s a lot of time you literally just sit at home.  Days fly by – but you really accomplish “nothing.”  This did not go well for Luke.

After a lot of discussion, Jon and I realized we needed to have Luke go to school full time.  He was so ready intellectually, and socially.  Plus, him sitting at home with us just wasn’t giving him the interaction or attention he really needed.  So, when January hit, he had his first day of school.


The preschool opened an additional 2 year old class, so they also had a new room with toys.  I still dropped both kids off around 8am so they had time together before splitting up with their respective teachers.  This helped so much.  Luke still was a bit clingy, but Aubrey was a great big helper to play & distract her brother.


The first day, when they met up again on the playground, Luke’s teacher caught a photo of them giving the biggest hug to each other. She printed it up for the room and it seriously made my heart melt.  They were both beaming with pure joy and happiness to see one another again.

Luke’s now been in school for an entire month.  With the addition of the new class, he was the first one in there.  He (and his teacher) spent the time with another class. But this past week was when new friends joined them.  Luke (I was told) was a big help with showing them what to do, what the rules are, and a big helper all around.  He naps well there and his teacher has commented so many times on how smart he is, already knowing letters, counting to 14, how much he speaks.  I owe that all to my mom – she taught him so much while I was working.

With both big kids in school, it’s also given me so much one-on-one time with Ryan to bond.  I’ve loved every minute.  I go back to work next week and it’s really a struggle to do it.  I know I will be fine – and Ryan will be fine.  But I really enjoy my mornings just snuggling with him, having coffee with my mom, running errands together.  But I still have no idea how 12 weeks have passed SO fast.  Before I know it, RYAN will be the one heading to preschool. Hold me.


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    Congratulations to Luke! Sophia was really into hyping school up for Jack…I’m glad Aubrey was just as sweet to Luke.

    Can’t believe it’s been twelve weeks already since Ryan was born. It goes by so fast. I’m sure it’ll be an easy transition with your mom stepping in. Best of luck!

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