Fisher-Price Rock n Play {lifesaver}

When we got home from the hospital, Jon and I immediately passed out for nap and had Luke in the Pack n Play. He slept great for the hour we got. That night, however, was a completely different story. Actually, we had a completely different baby. He screamed any time we put him down. I remember Aubrey’s newborn cries – they were mild. But this child? He has lungs. After several attempts to calm him after a nursing session, I ended up having him sleep next to me in bed. I held him in my arms all night, and it wasn’t a peaceful night. I did, however, get 2 hours straight of sleep after each feeding.

The second night at home wasn’t any better. After the 3am feeding, Jon took him downstairs and put him in the swing. Jon slept on the couch. I felt amazing the next morning after 3 hours of sleep without any crying. The next morning I asked some of my friends (that have the Rock n Play) if it was worth it, and helped with gas pain. All said yes. My friend Jen said I could try hers out – as her baby is currently sleeping in his crib at night and they only used it during the day in the living room (and had a swing to use instead). The first night, Wednesday, was AMAZING. He fussed a tiny bit when I turned off the lights, so we keep them dimmed until he falls asleep. This works, since I’m usually having to use my hand pump a bit for engorging relief. When he wakes for the mid-night feeding, I turn the dimmed light on again (doesn’t wake Jon) and it also is a lot easier to nurse while I can see a bit.

Night two – same thing. I texted her Friday morning and said I will definitely be buying one. And so, we are. Or I should say we have since I wrote this a bit ago. Having him on the incline helps any bubbles in his tummy. I burp him really well, but he still has some minor ones as his digestive track matures. The Rock n Play is also light weight and portable. Collapses easily and it’s so easy to rock, a 21 month old can do it…


fisher price rock n play - melissadell

Aubrey sharing her Violet with her baby brother

Fisher-Price Rock n Play - lifesaver

Our own Rock N Play


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    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the rock n play. We got it as a registry gift for my shower with Sophia. We used it a bit when she was first born and I needed to put her down in our room. I also used it for when I would take a shower while she was awake…I just parked it right on the threshold of the bathroom.

    With Jack we used it for the first few nights we were home from the hospital as well. We found that he slept better and attributed it to the incline and the more confined space. When we transferred him to sleeping in his crib at night we mimicked the incline with a foam pad under his mattress and made sure he was swaddled well. Sleeping success!

    You do what you gotta do to get some sleep!

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    We bought a rock-n-play for this baby. They were around when G was a baby but we didn’t know anyone with one and thought it was a waste. Since then I’ve heard otherwise from everyone I know. I showed them to the hubs in the store. When he saw that they fold up for portability, he was sold! He even asked why we didn’t buy one when G was a baby!

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    I saw this on Mommy blog when I was building my registry. I’m so glad to hear you like it. We received it as a shower gift and are hoping that Baby Darling will love it as much as Luke does.

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