First Trimester Must-Haves

I feel like shouting from the rooftop – I’M OUT OF THE FIRST TRIMESTER!!!

first trimester must haves

Time will tell if this will transition into the disappearance of nausea as it’s been a rough road.  But I wanted to share with you some of my favorite items I had by me to help me get through the first trimester of pregnancy.  Many of these are beloved items I repurchased (since we got rid of everything from the past pregnancies) and some are new discoveries. Most of these I’ve linked to Amazon because hello – Amazon Prime is amazing (they also have Amazon Mom that has its own set of benefits) and are affiliate links.  This won’t cost you anything extra, but think of it as a commission for referring you to an awesome product you’ll love 🙂

LeachCo Snoogle Pregnancy Body Pillow

LeachCo Snoogle Pregnancy Body Pillow

Pregnancy Pillow – Amazon, $57.95


This was the first official pregnancy purchase I made after I got a positive on my test, and before we even confirmed if the pregnancy was viable.  I was pretty sure it would be, and I loved this pillow so much with my past 2 pregnancies.  There’s a lot of sleeping restrictions and this helps to keep you on the correct side for blood flow, and it’s also great later on for support under your growing bump.  The one I had previously never had a cover, but mine this time around did have one.  If yours does not, you’ll want to purchase a cover. Here are a few options: Chocolate, Birds/Blue Leaf, and Brown & Lilac Rings.  Once I had the kids, I also folded it in half to use as a prop up for nursing sessions.


Blendtec Total Blender

Blendtec Total Blender

Blender – Amazon $378 regular price but often on sale 

Oh this blender.  This is actually my mom’s.  She has had one for a few years now, and makes Super Juice with it for the kids.  But, on some nights when I felt so nauseated, yet wanted something – we’d whip me up a smoothie with some nutrients.  I loved anything cold and so we’d have frozen strawberries on hand and add in spinach, carrots, and lime.  Lime was the key ingredient for me as I also needed sour/tart stuff to help me feel better.  She would stock up on items from Costco and even found a green leaf mix that had rainbow chard, spinach, and kale.  Carrots were GREAT to include as it sweetened the smoothie without it being too much.

— And once you have your baby starting on solids, the Blendtec will help with that too!

Contigo Travel Beverage Containers – Fit & West Loop

Contigo West Loop Stainless Steel TumblerContigo Autoseal Fit Trainer

Coffee Tumbler (left) – Amazon,  $15.35 & Water Tumbler (right) – Amazon,  $15.99

I’ve learned with each pregnancy, there’s just some things you can’t let go of.  You find a way to compromise, but sometimes you have to make decisions on your own.  Caffeine is one of mine.  When I was pregnant with Aubrey, my first, I was dead set on doing everything according to what doctors & websites tell you.  I cut out all caffeine and had RAGING headaches daily.  Since it’s so limited what type of medications you can take while pregnant, I figured 1 cup of coffee a day would outweigh the effects of taking Tylenol daily.  Sure, I know it probably would have gone away after awhile, but that time of suffering was not something I wanted to do. Especially when I was also sick with “morning” sickness daily. When I was pregnant with Luke, I had a toddler. And coffee was a must-have.  I continued on 1 cup a day.  I also got my very first Contigo and fell in love.  Their coffee tumblers are life-changing. I’ve written about it before, but basically it keeps it hot for over 4 hours.  Which once you have kids – you realize that it can take THAT LONG to drink a cup. With this pregnancy, I have 2 kids now and I’m savoring every drop I get.  I also was sent this aluminum water tumbler from Contigo and it’s changed my life.  THIS tumbler keeps beverages COLD for up to 12 hours.  I’ve tested it, and I commend them for this technology.  I’m high maintenance regarding my water while pregnant – it HAS to be cold, bottled water – and CANNOT have ice.  So we go through a lot of water bottles and I love how cold they stay with this!

Amazon Instant Video



Amazon Prime Instant Video 30-Day Free Trial


So, for most of my first trimester, I suffered from evening morning sickness.  Every afternoon, around 5:30, I became ill and could only tolerate a laying down position.  We do not have a TV in our room, and I started taking advantage of the Amazon Prime Instant Video.  We’ve had Prime for ages, but I have never tried their viewing options.  I got hooked on The Good Wife and watched 3 seasons in no time.  Aubrey & Luke have also grown to like Team UmiZoomi and sneak my phone to watch it on there too.  With Prime, lots of movies & tv seasons are free – but some only have a select few seasons that are free.  It’s a great perk for something we’re already taking full advantage of (free 2 days shipping!!!)



What are some of your favorite pregnancy must-haves?


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