First & Last

No, not names. First and last beach trip of the 2011 summer.  Yes, I have failed miserably at any desires I put at the beginning of summer – beach trips, pool parties – all did not happen.  Oh I do take that back. I did go to my pool for about 1 1/2 hours randomly one day after work at the beginning of summer. And for a little bit Memorial Day.  But that’s it.  I had big plans – but every pool day plan was ruined with random thunderstorms in southern California.  Three separate occasions – three separate fluke storms.  Not normal! So last weekend, as Jon and I are getting closer to Baby A’s due date, we decided we needed a beach day.  And thank goodness SoCal doesn’t know the usual parameters for summer.  The first Saturday in October proved most excellent in beach days! Here’s the day in photos!

Damages? Jon got sunburned even though he put on so much sunblock numerous times! And me? Ya, tad pink too. And I have little spot where my necklace pendant hung out just a little too long in the sun. Oops! But no major casualties! Next year we’ll be chasing around a baby and trying to keep her from eating all the sand. Last trip as a duo was a great one!

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