First Christmas at Home

Searching for the perfect tree, on a drizzly Saturday morning is no easy task. On my bday, we got up early and headed out to a local tree lot. We went to this lot 3 years ago when we had our first apt and cut down our tree. That year was much different. It was about 20 degrees warmer, and sunny, and HOT. This year we had on thermals, and beanies, and I even carried around an umbrella.

We both wandered around the lot and I was not finding much. Some of the trees were too wide around, some too short, some too tall. Then, I heard Jon calling my name and had a big grin on his face. He found our tree! He cut it down, loaded it up, and I did the most important task – documenting the experience. After we had the tree, it dried out in the garage, and then he set it up and we had to introduce it to Butters! He’s been doing great with the tree, although he likes to bat at the ornaments and nibble on the needles.

baby trees!




{here’s a pic of the tree from my iphone}


  1. Aileen E. says

    How fun! I’ve never cut down a tree before. Looks beautiful. And how does your cat not scratch up the wrapping paper on all your presents?

  2. csunsweetie says

    Well, he’s not realized {yet} that they’re covered in paper. He loves paper. But I think since there’s no loose papers or edges he’s not entertained. He does love the ball ornaments and needles. He’s been nibbling on them here and there.

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