Fireplace Screen DIY for Unique Fireplace Openings

So, when we purchased our home, Jon said he HAD to have a fire on Christmas morning.  He wanted to have the fire going as the kids opened presents, as we drank our coffee & mimosas, and just enjoy the morning.  The fireplace in our home is a main focal point for the main living area and actually has multiple sides.  This caused a challenge as there was absolutely nothing separating it from the two tiny tots we have running around.


Fireplace view two

View from the back of the home towards the front door (side 1)

Fireplace view one

View from the front door towards the back of the home (side 2)

As you can see, the sides are not standard sized and it would require a custom setting.  We priced online for glass doors and with all the other costs of moving in, it just wasn’t in the cards.  Jon thought about doing a DIY project to add those mesh curtains, but that scared me and I didn’t want anything to be attached directly to the brick unless someone else was doing it (aka, a professional).

We were closing in on the holiday and I could tell it was really a disappointment to not have a fire.  I started looking online for solutions and was coming up empty handed.  With the dimensions of each opening, it was really difficult to find an item to use as it came.  I was able to find something on Amazon that would sort of work, and since it was the most affordable option, I ordered it through my Prime account. (affiliate link)

It wasn’t the prettiest of screens, but I figured I could always paint it.  The other color options wouldn’t have arrived on time and were also more money.  This arrived on Christmas Eve. Nothing like cutting it close, right?

But, when I opened them up, I lightbulb went off….. Could I custom-arrange this to fit BOTH sides easily?


fireplace DIY screenSee that top finial piece?  It’s removable.   You twist it off and then move to the bottom to do pull-out of the middle rod and bottom piece.

fireplace DIY screen

Crazy right?  I removed the panel from one screen and added it to the second.  When I was done, I had the PERFECT screen for each side.

fireplace DIY screen

fireplace DIY screen

I was happy that such a quick fix resulted in a custom screen! I was happy I could surprise Jon with this and we did enjoy our fire Christmas morning and it was awesome!

Screen Information:  Uniflame 4 Fold Polished Brass Screen

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