Finding My Blissful Moments

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When I started back at work when my maternity leave was up, I was trying to find a way to find blissful moments to get some quality “me time” in.  With three kids, it required a bit more thought as to where I’d find this magical time to just do something to fulfill me.  Thank God Ryan is a great sleeper so I didn’t mind the idea I came up with – Be ready by 6:15 (or, 6:30 if I’m super tired) to have some quiet moments before it becomes complete chaos getting the kids ready and out the door for preschool.  I’d run through the chaos of the mornings – but I’m sure you might have some sort of idea.

6am sunrise

One of the early sunrises I caught while I was up and the rest of the house was asleep.

 The next thing I needed to figure out was what I was going to do during the quiet time.  I realized it had been quite some time since I did any sort of bible study and I missed it.  But, I only had about 20 minutes a day to dedicate to it.  I decided to purchase a prompt journal to help give me some sort of direction because I do best that way.  I bought the Write The Word journals by Lara Casey and it would give me a few verses to write out and then a page to reflect.  This has really been a great addition to my mornings.

I quickly realized I wanted something more. I wanted something that tapped into my creative side.  At the beginning of March, I stumbled across CreativLei’s Love Your Lettering and knew this was it.  Right now a huge craze is bible journaling and I’ve never done it because I hate my writing and what I see on Instagram is just so pretty.  So I decided to get some tools (because, who doesn’t love new markers, pens & notebooks??) at Walmart and also grabbed a set of watercolor paints and some canvases.

Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Bars | #BlissfulMoments

I started with using the brush to get the canvas a bit wet so the paint would blend well and be more on the lighter side.  I did one canvas with blues/pinks/purples and then did another one with greens/yellows/browns.  My idea was to find a bible verse to hand letter – one would be for me and one for Jon.  PS –  I really enjoyed creating these canvases!

Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Bars | #BlissfulMoments

Completed canvases – perfect Nap Time activity!

Next up was working on finding the perfect verse and working on my hand lettering.  Because I only had a few minutes each morning, the rest of this project took me a long time to actually accomplish.

Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Bars | #BlissfulMoments

Oh, and of course I had to take complete advantage of the quiet kid-free time to have a tasty treat with my coffee.  The Betty Crocker™ Sweet Rewards Butterscotch Blondie Bar was the perfect size for me to enjoy before any little ones realized I could have a treat for breakfast instead of cereal or eggs.  Quick and easy to open, eat, and throw away the wrapper! I love being an adult!

Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Bars | #BlissfulMoments

I had chosen my verse and started practicing the styles.  I wasn’t sure how I would lay it all out, and I didn’t know if I wanted to have it all printed, or all cursive, or a mix.  One of the things with this creative aspect is you’re supposed to have fun with it and not over think it.  But, my controlling perfectionist side had a difficult time just going with that.  It was easy to do the watercolor in that manner. But writing this out was more challenging for me.

Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Bars | #BlissfulMoments

Eventually it was just time to give it a go.  I wanted to do pencil over everything to make sure the spacing was just right and the writing was just right.  But, I realized the pencil was not easy to erase and I just had to go with it.  I had to my left my practice sheet and I just gave it a go with my Sharpie.

I am so impressed with how it all came out.  I can’t wait to put it right next to my desk so I can see it whenever I am feeling discouraged with anything – my job, my blog, my parenting skills.  I also learned that I love the quiet time I have each morning, even if it completely stinks getting up so much earlier.  I also have learned that even if the kids get up earlier than usual, I can still tell them Mommy needs her quiet time and I can bribe them to wait by watching some cartoons.

Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Bars | #BlissfulMoments

My favorite bar was the brownie one.  I warmed it up for about 8 seconds in the microwave and it was the perfect companion to my coffee.  Just a little tip for you 🙂

If you’d love to create your own favorite quote or saying, you’ll need these tools:

  • CreativLei’s 31 days of Love Your Lettering
  • Composition notebook (with grids) for practice
  • Pencil, eraser, and professional writing pen (.08 tip)
  • 8×10 blank canvas
  • small watercolor set (I just used the inexpensive one at Walmart. Nothing fancy)
  • Sharpies (only to use on the canvas)

Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards Bars | #BlissfulMoments

And for added fuel, the Betty Crocker™ Soft Baked Bars are in the cereal aisle at Walmart!

And if you don’t feel like creating your own hand lettering and want to print mine up, click here to download and print the PDF!



What do you do to find your blissful moments? How do you take care of you?


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