Final Post – 30 Day Face

Well, we’ve reached the conclusion of our 30 day face journey. I mean mine. Unless you joined too, and didn’t tell me?  First I would like to thank those that left comments – either on my blog, facebook, or twitter, or Shana’s, who has also re-posted the link to my facial post.  I really had a great time with the facial and my face feels so awesome!

Ok back to the post at hand.  So, I’ve had a facial before, but it was a long time ago. I do recall once getting it done, my face broke out like crazy because all the stuff rose to the surface.  So with last week’s facial, I was prepared for the worst.  Luckily, not too bad. It’s been almost a week and I just have 2 breakouts which is not too bad, considering for the past month I’ve had pretty mild skin.

I love the new routine I have.  I’ve never been a wash-yo-face-at-night girl. Mainly because the excuse I told myself was “hey, I barely WEAR any makeup. So by the end of the day there’s really not much sitting on there.”  Ya, except ONE thing. Dirt & Oil. Oh, that’s 2.  Anywhoo. So washing your face at night is really good.  I know using that, and the right face stuff is great.

I recommend that all of us keep an eye on our face. It’s the one thing that everyone sees first.  It’s why we hide zits on our face.  Would you use coverup if the zit was somewhere else? Probably not.  So I think everyone should do some sort of challenge to figure out what’s best for their skin. You might be amazed what can make your skin even better than it is now!  And now for some pics:

The original photo:

And the last ones:

I’m really loving the skin care and I think I will definitely be purchasing the Exfoliating New Cell Scrub.  Oh and my friend asked how much I had left after the 30 day wash, using it twice daily.  I’m not exactly sure how much but I think that I still have way more than half left. You only use a dime sized amount each face wash.  Although sometimes I squeeze a bit too hard so it’s more like a nickel 🙂

I hope maybe I’ve entrigued you enough to try a new routine.  If you’re interested in the products I used, you can buy directly through Shana by clicking this link, and enter in her ID # 19301303 under the Sponsor’s ID and you’ll be directed in choosing how you want to purchase..  You can sign up to receive a discount too (20% off each order for a year with the membership!).


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