Feature….Thursday – Matt with ASAP Bridal Boot Camp

Ok so this is my last series of Feature Friday posts. Matt’s Bridal Boot Camp page has been updated and so we’re ready to unveil!

Matt and I went to high school together, and we even shared some lunches while we both worked for Magic Mountain. Since then, he’s obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Kinesiology (alum to CSU Northridge and San Diego State), has trained a minor league baseball team in Iowa, and has started his own company – ASAP Performance Training. One branch of his company is offering Brides the chance to meet and exceed their goals with his Bridal Boot Camp.

So read up on Matt, and you can also follow his blog with tips on nutrition, dispelling myths, and other healthy tidbits!

When in your life did you decide that you wanted to become a fitness instructor?

I remember when I got my first weight set in 8th grade as a Christmas present. Since then I have enjoyed working out and learning new exercises and training strategies. I knew in college I wanted to major in a subject where I would learn more about the body and get a better understanding about the science behind training. I started by majoring in Kinesiology (study human movement) during undergrad and took my first personal training certification my sophomore year of college. I’ve been training ever since then.

Where did you design the workout routines for the bridal bootcamp participants? What information do you gather from your clients to help tweak the routine to fit their needs?

Every workout routine I design is tailored to my client’s specific needs. Now most brides are looking for similar changes to their body before their big wedding day – weight loss, get more toned, improve the look of their butt/hips/stomach/upper body. I like to design high intensity workouts using a variety of equipment that make the training sessions fun and challenging. I choose the specific exercises based on the brides individual goals.

What rumor would you like to dispell regarding anything fitness related – food intake, exercise, etc?

I hear a lot of stupid fitness myths that make me laugh. I think people are starting to become more educated about health and fitness with all the different online sources out there. I have heard this one a lot over the years…When you work out, your convert your fat to muscle. That’s just crazy if you logically think about. Instead, what really happens is that you begin to burn fat with increased physical activity (workout program) and dietary modifications. At the same time, you begin to increase muscle mass if you include resistance training exercises into your routine. You are losing fat and increasing muscle mass but fat is not directly converted to muscle – that is just nonsense.

What is your favorite “exercise” and why?

That’s a tough question…I don’t know if I have one favorite exercise because it always changes. I do have one favorite piece of equipment now though – the TRX. This is virtually a strap that you an hang from anything (door, post, tree, whatever) and you do different body strength exercises with this strap. It is awesome because you can take it anywhere and everyone can benefit from it because it is just body weight training. I love the different core exercises you can do with this device.

What makes your Bridal Boot Camp different from other boot camps out there?

The main difference is that I do not incorporate any fancy gimmicks or tricks when I train clients. The workout sessions include simple pieces of equipment (kettlebells, TRX’s, medicine balls, ladders, and hurdles just to name a few) that are fun and challenging to use. The last thing you would get at my boot camps is a training session where you do 100 crunches, then 50 push ups, and end with 50 bicep curls. Not only is that not affect, that is extremely boring. Instead, my clients move from exercise to exercise keeping their heart rate elevated and leave the session with a sense of accomplishment.


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