Feature Friday – Maria with Plumstars/Teaching in Heels!

Meet Maria. aka MJ. We both went to the same high school, and saw each other in passing. But it wasn’t until college where we met up again, enjoyed some yummy drinks, some gossip, some hair tips, and eventually, grew to love the art of craft, wine, and organization. {well, I’m LEARNING to love organization}

Maria is the beautiful face behind Plumstars – a cute etsy shop with lots of paper products. And, she also will be the newest 5th grade teacher at a school near you! Ok, so it’s more like near me, but thanks for playing along.

So, after having lunch with her this, and her recently, I asked her to be this week’s Feature Friday. So enjoy, and don’t forget to bookmark her blog, Teaching in Heels!!!!

You’ve had your etsy shop for quite some time now…do paper products still make your heart flutter?

I have always been a paper junkie! I love office supplies, scrapbooking and journals. I think stationary in general is so cute and fun. Getting a letter in the mail or a beautifully wrapped present just makes a person smile ๐Ÿ™‚

With your new adventure as a 5th grade teacher – what is the one thing you’re looking forward to the most? And what about the least?

I am so excited to be teaching 5th grade!!! I love the curriculum of 5th grade, especially social studies, the history of the USA. It will be challenging since, even though the students are still young, still children, they are trying to figure out how to grow up and become teenagers and go into junior high. It will be a fun and challenging year.

Would the Maria 10 years ago recognize the Maria today? What would she say?

Maria of 10 years ago would recognize some of me today. I think that as graduating high school 10 years ago I was in a place so different than now, going off to college and all. If you had told me then, that I would be in love with my boyfriend now I would have not believed that at all! As for teaching and friends and life, I think that things have worked out perfectly!

ps maria is on the left….

If you could buy any one designer item, what would you pick?

Right now I’m in search of a gorgeous designer slouchy tote. I love purses and shoes!! I want a slouchy over-sized dark purple tote! (Just remember my birthday is coming up, haha!)

What is your favorite way to spend a summer day?

Waking up later than during the school year, heading to Paradise Cove with the boy to lounge at the beach for the day, meeting up with friends for dinner and wine and laughing the night away.


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