The Farmer Dells

The Farmer Dells - Backyard Gardening

When we had our condo – we had two tiny plots of dirt. Literally 15″ deep. But we planted some tomato plants and some different peppers. They grew each year and we loved having such delicious tomatoes with our salads. We learned you didn’t need huge tomatoes to get bold flavors. A little went a long way.

The Farmer Dells - Backyard Gardening

So when we found this little house – we were pleased with the planter boxes and couldn’t wait to plant some items. There are 6 in the yard. But we decided to start with filling 2. Friday night we met up for dinner and then headed to Home Depot to check out the selection. I think we were slightly overwhelmed with all the varieties of tomatoes and peppers. We also grabbed some strawberries & different squash varieties.

The Farmer Dells - Backyard Gardening

When Saturday morning rolled around, we got to work. We knew that the watering system needed some help but weren’t sure what we were facing. Turns out – we had an uphill battle. While I plotted which plants would go where, Jon figured out what he needed to buy.

After the kids went down for their nap we got to work. He finished the sprinkler setup and I started the boxes. My mom suggested having one box for squash as they can overgrow a lot. Our first box has heirloom tomatoes, strawberries, and carrots sprinkled around (I used seeds for those).

The second box had cherry tomatoes and all the peppers – jalapeño, banana, Serrano & hot chilis. Oh and chive onions.

The last box will have the seeds we bought (lettuce, green beans and melon) and the squash.

The Farmer Dells - Backyard Gardening

You might wonder why the last bed is empty. Well 2 things. One – we ran a sprinkler drip and ran out of tubing. 2 – while getting the flow right in the other 2 beds a huge shot of water appeared by the back box. Apparently there is an uncapped elbow joint and the pressure made it flood up from being buried under 8″ of dirt.

So new project for another weekend. And hand watering since we have a huge leak. Oh well. Excited for our veggies to grow!!!



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