Farmer Dells – 3rd progress update

It’s time for another Farmer Dells update! (read the first here, then our update here). I am really enjoying our garden.  While we have only really had strawberries to enjoy (and some of the herbs), that’s about to change!! Our tomatoes have been flourishing and the first two tiny cherry tomatoes have just started to change color!!!



Between our 5 plants, I think we’ll be eating tomatoes for days. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I really hope Aubrey’s distaste for them goes away soon.  Maybe I can convince her the cherry ones are more like cherries. Even though she hasn’t had any cherries in a year.  I think I’ll be making some cherry relish for our chicken dishes.  Oh I should mention, Aubrey pulled off a cherry tomato last week when they were green.  I told her to take a taste and the look on her face was hilarious. I hope I didn’t further turn her off from them!


Everything else is coming along great.  The squash plants (2 zucchini & 2 yellow crooked necks) brought our first harvest as well! Aubrey helped me wash them off. I dropped the huge zucchini and it broke, but we still ate it for dinner.  It was really tasty. The yellow ones, I might have taken off too early. That plant has more than the regular zucchini and I was anxious. Aubrey called them carrots.



We threw some olive oil & garlic salt on them before grilling.  The yellow ones were ok, but the skin was slightly tougher than that of the zucchini.  Can’t wait to make more meals with our veggies!  I have no idea if we’ll have any grapes to eat. I was really looking forward to that. But not sure it’s getting enough water. Some of the original sprouts have dried out. There’s still a few that are growing buds of something. I guess time will tell!


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    We have a small garden out front right now.. A herb garden that my mother in law created and a couple of tomato plants.. Crossing fingers they still do well throughout the summer. So far so good.

    Those zucchinis look great!

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