Farewell 2011

It seems as if it’s a requirement to post a goodbye 2011 hello 2012. I keep seeing status updates about Good Riddance 2011. But I might be in the minority. For me, (and my friend Mia) 2011 was one of the best years. Right up with 2008 when I married my best friend, we went on our honeymoon, and bought our house.

2011 was a ray of hope. For after many months of trying to conceive, as well as suffering through a miscarriage, we finally got pregnant and had a beautiful healthy girl. I’m excited for 2012 but I know it probably won’t measure up. But instead, it will bring on many milestones for our baby girl and I’ll be there for hopefully all of them! (Hoping they don’t occur while I’m at work lol).

So 2011,I toast to you. Thank you for all the great moments. 2012 – you have some big shoes to fill!!


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    I know it seems like it will be tough to beat the year where you dream to become a mom came true but dang, watching your daughter grow and learn will be such a wonderful experience. Every month that Lexi gets older just makes me love her more and more, as impossible as it may have seemed one month earlier. Cheers to a beautiful past and a wonderful future 🙂 xo

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