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family photos and holiday cards - coordinating outfits

It’s that time of year – Family Photo time.  It’s a great way to capture another year with growing children & families and to create custom photo cards to send out to distant relatives & friends.  Even with online photo albums through Facebook or Instagram, there’s just something sweet about receiving a card in the mail with some photos of loved ones.

holiday cards

With our third baby being born just days (possibly) before Thanksgiving, I have been doing a lot of preparing for our family photos.  Our photographer, Becca Rillo, is super awesome and will be setting up a session as soon as humanly possible once I give birth.  And by humanly possible – I mean me feeling as human as possible. Ha ha.  Since we’re not finding out gender, I also have to prepare with outfits for the baby with a boy option and a girl option.  I also will need a few clothing options that fit with the other looks since I don’t know what size I will be.

Here are the past few years outfit choices. 2013 with our vibrant patterns, and 2014 with more blues and solids.


As with past years, I want to work with the clothing we already have for Jon and I.  I went shopping to find some looks for the kids, but didn’t want to purchase new things for everyone if it could be avoided.  When I found this tiny little dress, I fell in love and put it in my cart.  I needed a neutral for a baby boy outfit, as well, since Aubrey’s dress is a bold denim polka dot.

baby clothes

My two options for clothing are the brown dress in the original photo – that will be paired with a colorful statement necklace, or a long crimson skirt (similar to the color of the baby boy’s onesie) with white tank, denim jacket (maybe), and statement necklace.  Jon will be neutral in his blue shirt and his pants will be dependent on the rest of the family.  Typically I avoid too much denim unless they’re in different shades.

For Luke – he’s the mystery.  He mainly wears t-shirts but does have a handful of polos.  Every time I have a moment to try and sort through his clothes – it’s nap time so that doesn’t really work in my favor.

But what I can do during naptime is plan the holiday photo card options through Zazzle.

Zazzle Shiny Blessings Holiday Card 2015

Shiny Blessings 

I like that through their website, you can remove the backside image and upload your own creation.  This is a great way to personalize with a message of all that was accomplished throughout the year.  For us, I’m considering a special birth announcement with the details of our little one!  This also includes the envelopes you need to send those precious babies off!

Zazzle Merry and Bright Script Photo Card

Merry And Bright Script

Die-cut cards (meaning, they’re in a shape vs traditional square or rectangle) adds a great custom element to your photo cards.  I love this photo of the family because I know as my kids grow, one will always be off and not paying attention.

So, is it ever too early to order holiday cards from Zazzle? Nope! If you’ve already had your family photo sessions, get online quickly!  You have plenty of time to sort through your list of who shall be a lucky recipient of the cards, as well as take your time to address the envelopes.  Is it ever too late to order  holiday cards from Zazzle?  Possibly.  I know that you can order rush shipping, but you should always be mindful of processing times.  I know I won’t be the only one ordering my cards at the very beginning of December.

And, if that’s the case for you – you can always have it wish a Happy New Year! (that’s what happened to us in 2013. Whoops!)

Zazzle Bold Bright Hello 2016 Photo Card

Bold Bright Hello 2016

Be sure to check out Zazzle and keep an eye out for any special promotions they have going on!

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