Family Photos 2014 Recap

Well, I think we survived.  Talk about a crazy, chaotic 20 minutes of photos!  It might have been 25.  The kids were absolutely bonkers the whole time.  Luke didn’t want to be held, Aubrey just wanted to swing from anything she could find.

It started well.  Aubrey napped well and was cheerful while getting dressed.  Luke napped on and off for awhile. But I think he might have been playing possum and really not sleeping.  But man did they look cute! Their outfits worked well from Carters. Luke’s shoes, however, were super large. I didn’t try them on until the night before our photos (rookie mistake!) but luckily Jon wanted to grab a new pair of jeans so he ventured off to the mall to try and exchange the shoes.  But they didn’t have his size. He told me he tried 3 stores before he sent me this text:


The 6 1/2 were perfect and he looked so handsome in his button down, jeans, and boat shoes.  Actually, he sort of looked like a little old man. But a cute little old man 🙂  Aubrey’s dress & boots were PERFECT and I’m really hoping there were a few great photos to use for our holiday/moving card.  We had triple digit heat this weekend but the location was in the shade so that was nice.  I put this photo up on Instagram before our turn:



As you can see, Aubrey likes to take her shoes off in the car.  Once they were free from the confines of their car seats, they were only content when not being held.  AWESOME! We do have a few photos we took of them hanging upside down in our arms.  And Jon and I were able to grab a few shots together since the kids didn’t want to be with us. So, we’ll see the magic that Becca created and hopefully will have some sneaks soon!  Be sure to follow me on Facebook to see them!


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