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Before having Ryan, my photographer, Becca Rillo Photography, said to let her know when I felt human enough to get our photos done for Christmas cards & a birth announcement.  I have already gone through and picked out a few cards I liked from Zazzle and was planning on doing one photo on the front of our family and one on the back of Ryan.

On Thanksgiving, I was talking to Jon about our schedules (well, mainly his) and realized that if we didn’t take the photos that weekend, we wouldn’t be able to take them until like the week before Christmas.  So I texted with Becca and she fit us in Saturday afternoon – right after lunch, right before nap.  I was hoping & praying the timing worked well for the kids because last year there were just so.many.tears.  She got some good shots but it was stressful.  Adding a third child – it could just be overkill.

You might recall I had picked out Aubrey’s outfit and that for the 3rd baby (both a boy and girl outfit) and I wasn’t sure what to do for the rest of us.  I didn’t know what would fit me, and still had to select Jon’s & Luke’s.  Friday after Thanksgiving, my go-to-fashionista friend (and previous blogger!) MJ came over and we sorted everything out.

I had pulled looks for Luke & Jon already, but after going back over it all, we swapped out both their top pieces.  In a random thought – I went in to our garage to find a bag of clothing a friend gave me for Luke and found the perfect button down in there.  The kids looked adorable!

what to wear family photos

She was cold so she borrowed my blanket scarf – aka a prop.

what to wear family photos

He was OBSESSED with the sticks.  He kept “finding” more. We were at a park so really, they were all over.

The session went so much better than last year (no tears!) and I got some great photos with Jon too. It’s so important to make sure you grab a couple with your spouse!  We also made sure to grab photos with each of the kids, although I think I took mine with both boys together.  But I figured if we end up doing a gallery wall, it’ll be nice to have options 🙂

We did our best to keep the kids dirt-free.  Although as soon as we got out of the car, Aubrey dug her hands in the ground and had dirt smeared on her face. Thank heavens for baby wipes!

Once we got home, the big kids napped and I snuggled with this one.  He didn’t look this cheerful in our photos so glad I got one to commemorate the day with.  And he’s TOTALLY his big sister’s twin 🙂

what to wear family photos


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