Family Photo Coordination Fall 2014



I’m so grateful for our family photographer, Becca Rillo, for hosting family sessions again this fall.  It’s about 2 1/2 weeks away and I need to get on the ball for finding out how we will coordinate.  Last year I wrote this post sharing how we worked with different patterns and a similar color palette to coordinate.  Here’s how we ended up:


I wanted to go with some brighter color hues this year, so this is what I’m thinking for the kids.

I bought Aubrey a denim skirt for her first day of school (she picked it out) and I want to use that as the base of her outfit. Here’s her posing:


Shirt, Skirt, shoes

I swear I didn’t pose her like that.

But back to the outfit. I really like her skirt.  I think she looks adorable in it, but I want her top to be slightly more dressy but not formal.  I went to visit Carter’s site and found this cute button down shirt that has FOXES! Or is it Fox. Is that one of the special plural words?


 I’d roll the sleeves up a bit. And I think she almost needs like a small brown bootie to wear with it. Or flats. I pre-purchased her holiday shoes but I can’t recall if they’re white or black patent leather. I think that could be a little much.


TODDLER RIDING BOOTS!!! That’s seriously adorable. I do need to buy her a pair of boots for the fall months. Hmmmm.

For Luke, I’m thinking one of two options.  Either leave him in jeans and wear a plaid shirt like this:


OR have him rock a bold pair of bottoms with a denim shirt. Hmmm.



He has a lot of plaid shorts that could work with the color palette.  I just love that chambray shirt and right now it’s on clearance. It’s a sign!

For us, well, Jon said he will wear jeans and since we have a good assortment of colors/styles, we will just be closet shopping. Not as fun, but definitely more practical.  If you’re on Instagram, I’d love for you to tag me (@Melissa_Dell) in your family photo outfits! I know there’s a couple of ladies I follow that are planning everything out right now! I can’t wait!



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