Family Date Night at Johnny Rockets

I’ve done a few posts regarding the importance of dating your spouse, and your kids. I know it sounds funny, but really – it gives opportunity to spend one on one time, expose them to restaurants, need for nice manners, and a fun excuse to get dolled up.

Family Date Night at Johnny Rockets |

Blurry action shot. My 2 favorite men.

After my conference in LA for SoFab On The Road – sponsored in part by Johnny Rockets – they reached out to me to see if I’d love to take my family on a date night.  Of course!  We took Aubrey & Luke once after a concert at City Walk but Luke was just a tiny tot and slept through most of lunch.  This time we were ready to head out on the town to celebrate Jon’s birthday.  When I picked Aubrey up from school, we changed our clothes into something a bit more fancy (and, well, cleaner for her. Kids get SO DIRTY at preschool!) and off we went.

Family Date Night at Johnny Rockets |

We took the elevator down and the kids enjoyed that quick trip.  Free entertainment is always a plus!  Aubrey loves “resta-naunts” and Luke just likes whatever Aubrey does.  When we arrived at our Johnny Rockets, there weren’t many booths for 4 left.  So we grabbed one that had a booth on one side, and 2 chairs on the other.  We hoped Aubrey would sit with Daddy. But when she saw Luke climb in, she sat right alongside him.  It was a bit tight, but they liked staring out the window at the cars and trucks going by.

Aubrey grabbed the menu and was eyeing up all the food.  I really wanted us to get some shakes, but knew that would have to be at the end of the meal if I wanted them to eat anything.

Family Date Night at Johnny Rockets |

That sprinkle party shake looks amazing!!!

Once we ordered, we had to keep the kids entertained.  Want to know an easy trick? Turn on the Selfie Cam 🙂

Family Date Night at Johnny Rockets |

Luke and Aubrey each ordered something different and we split it for them.  They enjoyed grilled cheese & the mini burger sliders.  Jon and I each got a burger because, hello, that’s what you order at Johnny Rockets!!!

When I was at SoFab On The Road – I learned that most folks experience a Johnny Rockets dinner while on vacation.  The average person would have to travel around 60 miles from their home city to enjoy their famous fries & ketchup faces.  We are lucky to have about 4 within a 60 mile radius.  Another thing that rocks about living on SoCal!

Family Date Night at Johnny Rockets |

Aubrey & Jon showing off their ketchup happy faces

The music was playing and the place was bustling on a Friday night.  But the kids were in super hyper active mode.  You would have thought we did give them the sprinkle shake before their meal.  I was happy for a loud ambiance since they took turns banging on the window, yelling HIIIII at the cars, and just being your average 3 year old and 1 year old.

Family Date Night at Johnny Rockets |

SOS! save me!!!

Towards the end of the meal, Jon showed Aubrey what the jukebox was, and how to operate it.

Once dinner was finally done, we realized a shake was probably not the best idea.  The kids were restless and just wanted to run around.  We headed out and walked up and down the main street by our mall.  We found out that one of our favorite Candy Apple places was going out of business, but their apples weren’t a part of the sale. Boo.  We still needed to grab a treat for the kids since they did eat dinner so well.  Just before we headed back to the car, we stopped in a cupcake shop and each kid picked out a cake pop.

But in true toddler fashion – as soon as we were home and I gave Luke the one he picked out, Aubrey said that was hers and so we had to see if he would trade with her.  He did enjoy his light blue with gold sprinkles one 🙂

Family Date Night at Johnny Rockets |

Next time I’m going on a date with Jon and getting a milkshake with my dinner.  Because their shakes are bomb!

Thank you Johnny Rockets for our special family date night!


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