Face – 3 1/2 weeks

Almost ALMOST there!!! I have my facial scheduled this week and I’m so excited. I think my skin is ready for it, and really going to reap the benefits of it.  The little bumps on my forehead mentioned in the past posts are starting to go away.  I’ve not been as great remembering the mask (instead of 2 times a week I think I’m remembering 1 time). But I am doing it. Just need to get better. Ok now for some pics!



Ok first, has anyone noticed that I seem to always be wearing the same shirts?  I’m wearing these same two tanks in the first post and this one, and then the middle 2 weeks I’m wearing the same black shirt. I swear folks I have more than 3 shirts 🙂

Anyways, I should have totally used my nice camera so you could really notice the differnce over the weeks. But I notice it in person. And even Shana noticed it last Friday. She had an Arbonne party at her house and I wanted to go to scope out the other products and see the makeup.  She asked if I had re-applied my makeup before getting there and I said “nope!” I had honestly meant to. But forgot.  My skin color overall has evened out pretty well!   And I’m not oily after a full day!

I did try on their light liquid foundation and love it.  I ordered one. I’m hoping to use that (and have it last longer throughout the day) instead of wearing powder.  Lately I feel like my skin just is more dry with that.  I’ll be picking it up on Friday.  Oh and Shana’s place is so cute! She has a little mini house in the back that is set up for all the skincare stuff she’d need to use.  You should definitely schedule an appt!

Stay tuned for the last post next week. And my update on how the facial went!

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