Review of EPiBi Washable Nursing Pads

I received a starter kit from EPiBi to review for this post, but all anecdotes & opinions are mine. You should keep reading. Cuz sometimes I like to be funny.


When I was at the Pregnancy Awareness event earlier this year, I came across a table with some familiar products – reusable nursing pads.  The owner & creator of them – Elly – was there to talk with me about what made her EPiBi washable nursing pads different than some of the others on the market.  I did use reusable nursing pads with Aubrey, and planned on using the same ones again with Luke.  But after speaking with Elly, I knew I needed to try her brand out to find out if there was something better. Spoiler alert – they were better.

When I was pregnant with Aubrey, I wanted to nurse.  I found out close to my due date about lots of items you need for nursing.  One thing I had no clue about was nursing pads.  I didn’t realize your breasts can leak milk out randomly throughout the day.  My friend gave me an opened box of some disposable kinds she had by Medela.  I also bought a pack from Lansinoh, and Johnsons & Johnsons.  The Medela ones were very crinkly.  They made a lot of noise.  Lansinoh was better, but the material would stick to my already sore nipples from the first few days of nursing.  The J&J ones were great – very soft, didn’t stick, but they were also very thick and small in diameter.  They showed through my nursing bras and wasn’t a fan of that.  A few weeks into Aubrey’s life, I went to a boutique that carried lots of nursing materials and one of these were reusable pads by Bamboobies.  They were in the shape of hearts and looked super cute.  I bought a pack and went on my way.

I wasn’t a heavy leaker.  I could use the same pad throughout the day, but would notice the dampness as the day carried on.  Sometimes it would be too much by dinner time and I would take out the pad and replace it with a disposable one.  I was also notorious for forgetting to toss them in the washer with our clothing.  Since I typically did laundry once a week, and only had 3 sets of Bamboobies, you can do the math and see how I was short half the time. I would throw them in with any load (mainly Aubrey’s clothing) and would be so tired at night I would forget to take them out to air dry.  In the morning I would remember, slap my forehead and have a “d’oh!” moment.  Again, another disposable to allow them to dry.

The point of this is that the major complaint I had was the dry time, but also how damp the material would be as the day proceeded.  Elly’s EPiBi nursing pads are different.  They have a moisture-wicking material that goes against the skin to help keep the breast dry.  There are 4 layers of material and I’ve not noticed any moisture throughout the day sitting against my skin.


To make sure I’m giving you the true test of staying dry, I was alternating the use of my Bamboobies and EPiBi pads each day for over a week.  I’m a stickler for science experiments and didn’t want to mislead anyone.  I still have a moderate amount of leaking, but nothing too severe or too small.  I was still having damp Bamboobies by the end of the day, and felt dry with EPiBi.  I know that breastfeeding can be tough, so we must always find products that can help us along the way.  Anything to make life easier, right?  I’m so glad to have met Elly and her team at the Pregnancy Awareness event so I could share this post with you.  Please visit her site and check out their selection.  They have dye-free pads, and also really great lace ones.

Regular Absorbency (yellow is dye free)

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 2.08.28 PM

Regular Absorbency

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 2.08.41 PM

Super Absorbency

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 2.08.49 PM

EPiBi has been gracious enough to give away a starter pack to one of my readers!  Enter with Rafflecopter below!

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  1. says

    Leaving a comment…you can never have too many nursing pads! The reusable ones are so much better than disposable, I remember really needing them at night when I would sometimes wake up in a pool of milk….so gross.

  2. Jen says

    I’m so intrigued. The only reusable pads I’ve tried were wool and not very comfortable. These sound great! I love the lace looking one! So feminine and sexy for a nursing pad.

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