Enjoying the Babbles

Everyone was sleeping 15 minutes ago. And them came the quiet sounds of a certain 4 month old babbling away in his swing. Lately it’s one of the spots he naps. He snoozes for longer stretches in that thing and we’re still reliant on it if Aubrey is taking longer than normal to fall asleep and I don’t want her to wake him.

They still share a room, and will, until we move and buy our next house. We talk about all the things we want in our next place. Separate bedrooms is now a higher priority. Eventually maybe they can share again – when they’re older and just go to bed at night. With no naps. Yikes I am afraid of that day.

But for now, the nap time shuffle gets to be stressful and I don’t need that bogging me down. But, his babbles. They’re so cute right now. He seems to be chatting away to something I can’t see. He has started more squeaks & giggles too. His personality is starting to come through and I like it.

He’s gonna be a momma’s boy. And I don’t mind. Since he’s most likely our last, I cherish those snuggly moments more. I don’t think he’ll be spoiled or turn into a bad sleeper if he naps on me every now and again. This past night he was up at 5:30 so I brought him in with us, gave him a boob, and passed out. I woke up to a sweet angel laying next to me.

I’ll miss these times. But I have a feeling he’ll still snuggle with me later on. Aubrey doesn’t unless she’s not feeling well. She’s too busy running here or there to stay put for a longer time. But for now. I’ll be cherishing these quiet moments. With nothing but the sounds of his babbles.



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    Look at that squish. ๐Ÿ™‚ I had a similar experience this morning around 5am when Val woke to eat. Then her and I chilled on the couch in the playroom and had some one on one time. I really enjoyed it since that time is so rare.

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