Enjoying Holiday Cheer

When we moved into our first home in 2008, it was right smack dab in the middle of the holidays. Literally, we closed escrow on 12-21. We didn’t have time to decorate and so the next year we started our new tradition – cutting down our own tree. {please ignore the old watermark from what my site used to be called}. Well, here we are, celebrating our 4th Christmas and can you believe I’ve never done another post on our tree since then? Hmmm. Funny enough, the 2 years in the middle of this Christmas Sandwich had extremely warm temps and we were sweating as we cut down the tree. This year it started sprinkling on us as we were picking out the tree. We needed a short, skinny tree since year after year our living room seems to shrink. We ended up picking out a fancy tree (that was cut and brought in from somewhere else) but it was still a fun time!

Holiday Cheer 1


Holiday Cheer 2


Holiday Cheer 3

She loved touching the trees. We’d stop every few trees so she could touch their pine needles

After we found the tree and brought it home, it was time for a quick nap for a little lady, then off to go to our church’s holiday party. They rent out the Ice Station and this year had a lot of fun activities – open skate, broom ball tournament, curling lessons (as in, the olympics!), kiddie snow/sledding area, and Christmas cookie decoration station.

Holiday Cheer 4

Holiday Cheer 5

Holiday Cheer 6

Aubrey, very diligent on the finger painting technique with the frosting.

Holiday Cheer 8

She ate that snowman’s head in under 20 seconds. I swear.

Holiday Cheer 9

Trip to the kiddie area! First time on ice.

Holiday Cheer 10

We found a sled and took turns pushing her back and forth across the ice. She had so much fun!

Holiday Cheer 11

Action shot!

After Aubrey was tucked in to bed, Jon and I started decorating our tree, and doing some minimal decorations in the living room.  We normally hang stockings over the fire place, but we figured Aubrey might enjoy pulling on them. So those were moved to a more toddler friendly spot, and we used the mantle to house most of the decorations.  With our tree, we only put up the ornaments that had meaning to us, and left most of the generic ones in their boxes (mainly different colored ball ornaments).  I love our little tree and I love having very special ornaments!


Holiday Cheer 12

Holiday Cheer 13

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