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I found the pin!!!!!


Months ago I found this pin on Pinterest (do you follow me?) about all of these different drug store dupes for name brand makeup.  I didn’t pin it but did spend a good 2+ hours on the blogger’s site reading through all her trials she did.  And of course, now I can’t find the pin or the blog.  (note to self: REPIN!)  One of the ones I was interested in was the Urban Decay shadow primer.  When I received the Urban Decay Naked Palette, it came with a sample size of their shadow primer.  I loved it. I had never used a primer on my lids before, but it made sense. I had been using one on my face for years.  I loved how long my shadow was visible! But when it came time to replace the sample size, I’ll admit, it was a bit hard to fork over the cash. I love my makeup, but I don’t like paying for it.

In one of the posts on that blogger’s site, she spoke about the ELF brand primer (found at target for $1!) and I figured – why not. I bought it, put it on, and wasn’t impressed. This is my makeup routine in order: Face Primer, spot concealer, powder, shadow primer, shadow, liner, mascara, blush.  The problem was as soon as I put the ELF brand on, and then my shadow, it was too wet.  I stopped using it. It didn’t lengthen the life of my shadow.

Then I got curious and mixed up the order. Now I did both the face & shadow primer at the same time. Then I would apply “my face.”  By switching that order, it gave the ELF primer time to dry and I noticed SUCH a tremendous difference. When applying my shadow, it was the same as if I had been using the Urban Decay.  So, I had posted a pic of the primer on Instagram and had several ladies say they tried it & didn’t like it. I commented back to them about allowing time for it to set, and figured I should eventually blog about it. That was about 5 months ago. Oops! But better late than never, I say!

Elf vs UD

Here’s my comparison. My Urban Decay is on the left, ELF is on the right.

Elf vs UD 1

Immediately after application – see, they dry and look the same! (timeframe: 6:30am)

Elf vs UD 2

After shadow is applied. To me, I don’t see much difference. Do you? Colors on both sides seem just as vibrant and shimmery

Elf vs UD 3

Shadow at 5pm. The top color is missing a bit, but overall, STILL THERE!

I should have taken a snapshot later in the evening. But sort of forgot.  But you get the point – almost 12 hours later, and the color is still pretty visible.  Adding primer to your lids can help out so much! I think you should add some to your arsenal! Which reminds me, I’m out of my ELF and need to buy more at Target. I keep forgetting to buy that 🙂


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  1. says

    I prefer the urban decay over mac, but have never tried elf. Eye primer is definitely a necessity in my makeup routine, but I always let it set for a few minutes before applying shadow. Use those minutes as an opportunity to get dressed or pack my lunch or something.

  2. says

    My favorite primer is the NARS smudge proof eyeshadow base. I might have to pick up the ELF one, it’ll take a little getting used to having to switch up the routine but it’ll save me almost $30. Thanks for the post!

    • says

      I haven’t heard of that one. But I’ve been using the ELF ever since I wrote this post. As long as you allot time for it to “set” you’ll be good! And hopefully pleasantly surprised!

  3. Liz says

    Thanks for this! I like the idea of Urban Decay and other pricey brands, but I’m broke. lol I really love E. L. F., so I hope to stick with them for a bit. 🙂

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