Eleven Thousand Six Hundred Eighty


That is how many days I’ve been living & breathing on this planet.  That’s right, today is my birthday! I’m 32! Or, 3rd anniversary of turning 29.  Or (gulp) 11th of turning 29.  Ay Carumba!  This year is staying mellow, as Jon and I vowed to go all out for our 35th birthdays in 2016/17.  I guess we’ll really celebrate in 2017 closer to his birthday in February.  We made that decision as I turned 30 in 2011 and we had a tiny 8 week old baby and weren’t up for having a big bash.  We said for our 35th bdays, we were heading out of the country sans kids.  Chile is at the top of our list.  I suppose we should come up with more on the list since 1 place really isn’t a “list.”  Semantics.

So for my 32nd birthday, I asked for a Kindle, some Thai food, and a long nap.  While the first 2 were provided, I’m not sure if the kids will oblige for the 3rd this weekend. A girl can hope, right??

And I should also wish my Mom & Dad a happy day, since they did play a role in today’s celebration. LOL.


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