Easy Weeknight Meal – Baked Potato Bar

weeknight meal - baked potato bar

It’s no secret how much I love to meal plan.  Well, I take that back, some weekends I’m really over it and I just ask Jon what he wants. I could ask Aubrey, but that would result in Chicken Nuggets & Mac ‘n Cheese every night of the week.  And as we are gearing up for our big move, I really don’t want to have a mess of dishes to clean up every night.

A week ago, while meal planning, Jon asked if I could add potatoes to my grocery list.  I know how much he loves baked potatoes, but I am not as big of a fan.  And if you meal plan, you know if you’re not really into it, you don’t really add it.  But, I figured I’d like to secure my wife of the year status as we approach our 6 year anniversary.  So I said “mmm hmmm” and nothing else.

But my mind was spinning with a baked potato bar.  I pictured all the toppings, and just seeing the absolute glee on his face when he came home to it.  In SoCal this week, temps were in the high 90s IN OCTOBER.  That will not do to cook potatoes in the oven.  I asked my peeps on Facebook if anyone has cooked potatoes in the crockpot.  I got a few yes answers and so I figured, why not.

Around lunch time I turned our crock pot on high and prepped the potatoes. I washed them off, put a small amount of salt & pepper on a large sheet of tinfoil, put the potato on top and added more salt & pepper.  Once they were rolled & wrapped up, I put them inside the crock pot.  I cooked 3 medium sized Russet potatoes and 1 sweet potato yam (for the kids) on high for about 4 1/2 hours.

After that time, I carefully unwrapped one and stuck a fork in it to make sure it was soft all the way through. SURE WAS!  I turned off the crock pot, removed and placed all of them on top of our stove to cool down a bit. I did not unwrap them.

Next I got to work on the toppings.  I sliced up some butter, scooped out some sour cream, chopped some green onions, some bacon from our dinner the night before (thought ahead and we had breakfast for dinner), and also placed cheese in a ramekin.

I can’t recall when Jon had asked if I actually bought potatoes, but he did, and I said proudly Of course! We’re having a baked potato bar! And boy did he enjoy dinner that night.


***On a side note, I probably should have actually made something to go with our potatoes. lol.  The kids had chicken nuggets with their yam but we just had these. In full disclosure, Jon had a slice of pizza after he finished his potato and I ended up reheating a waffle from the dinner the night before.  So, plan ahead and throw some protein on the menu as well. Enjoy!


weeknight meal - baked potato bar



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