Easter at Crossroads Community Church

Our church, Crossroads Community Church, for the past few years, has held Easter service at our community college campus.  Each year it’s truly a moving experience. But this past Easter was truly phenomenal.  They created this video to capture the events leading up to, and including, the service and I was just so moved by it all, I had to share. Enjoy!


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      It was open for anyone who had already accepted Christ as their savior but had not been baptized via immersion. Before Sunday there had been 50 signed up. That day they had shirts.towels/shorts for people who wanted to participate that day. During the breakfast and service, those folks spoke with elders to declare why they wanted to be baptized. After the service, each person gave their 1-2 min testimony before bein baptized. My father in law is an elder & was doing some. He said there was just over 200 performed. My friend was the woman at the end of the video. She and her husband were both baptized. They’ve been attending for awhile but had not made that public display.

      It was truly amazing

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