How to Make Dunkin Donuts Iced Latte at Home

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When I was in Chicago, we ate a lot. That’s what you do when you’re on vacation, right? right???? One place I stopped a few times was Dunkin Donuts. We don’t have any in cali (yet) and I’ll admit, I had NO idea what to order when I got to the counter. But I decided on their iced latte and added caramel & cinnamon. All my favorite drinks offer something sweet & spicy so figured this was a good choice. And then I fell in love and the rest is history.

Making dunkin Donuts Iced coffee at home
walking around Grant Park with my DD!

How to Make Dunkin Donuts Iced Latte at home

Oh except it wasn’t. Because then I came home and really needed a fix at 3 in the afternoon and driving to Dunkin Donuts is not so easy with 3 kids.  So I did stop off at our local Smart & Final and headed to their BIG section of coffee and coffee related items. I spent about 5 minutes looking over all the Torani syrups they had on hand and grabbed a few other items to be able to make Dunkin Donuts iced coffee from home.

Making dunkin Donuts Iced coffee at home

Please note this recipe is using regular brewed coffee. If you sub cold-brew concentrate, you might have to tinker the coffee/milk ratio. 8oz brewed coffee (store in the fridge to cool off a bit) Ice 4-6 oz milk or whatever milk you currently use (coconut, almond) 2 pumps Torani cinnamon syrup 1tsp Sugar in the Raw liquid sugar 2 tbsp Ghriradelli caramel sauce 2 shakes ground cinnamon (I’m convinced this truly makes a difference in taste) Fill your favorite tumbler with the coffee and ice. Add in all ingredients and mix up. If you want to be fancy, drizzle half the caramel in and add remaining once coffee is mixed and add the ground cinnamon on top.  Also feel free to use half & half vs milk.  I tried it and it’s SO much creamier. You won’t use a full 4-6 oz of it though. Enjoy! If you make it, come back and comment! Or tag me on Instagram!! (@melissa_dell
What are some of your favorite tumblers to make this in?




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