How To Make a Headboard {featuring Devine Color}

Our DIY Headboard featuring Devine Color


I can’t tell you for how many years Jon has been wanting a headboard for our bed.  Each place we lived, however, had such a tiny space that it would have been out of place, not to mention, cramped.  The last rental had a long window that ran above the bed, so it acted like a faux-board which was cool.  When we purchased this home, and saw our master bedroom, we knew it was finally time to have a headboard.  We have vaulted ceilings in our room, and plenty of space to have a dramatic headboard.

The question then became – what kind of headboard do we want? I searched on a few sites online to check out upholstered headboards, but I couldn’t get over the sticker price.  Even the bargain sites would have us spending a couple hundred dollars.  We have a hard time committing to decor and I didn’t want something I’d regret in a few years.  I wanted something that was modern, but feminine, and would go well with a wide range of bedding should we change our minds over the years.

I was contacted by Devine Color at Target to see if I’d be up for trying a few of their items.  Since I already had a few painting projects lined up, I wanted to try something different.  I fell in love with their Weave Wallpaper and then had my mind spinning as to what I would use it for. The last thing to cross my mind was a headboard – until it smacked me across the head late one night. OF COURSE!

I searched Pinterest but most the ideas were way too advanced for me.  I needed something simple since we didn’t have any large power tools.  I knew that I could get the wood cut to size for me so I started sketching out a plan.  The headboard would be massive – 6 feet wide by 4 feet tall, and would start just above our mattress.  I would need a thin piece of wood to use behind the wallpaper, and I’d get it up on the wall.

Well. I soon learned that simple projects sometimes have a lot of holes inside them.  Jon asked me how I’d attach the thin wood to the outer frame.  Then he asked how I’d attach it to the wall.  I was a bit stumped since I’ve never done anything like this – and honestly, neither had he.  We set off one morning after church, with both kids, and spent way more time than we expected to at the hardware store.  But our brainstorming led to a clear path and here it is.

Oh, I should mention.  As a housewarming gift, his parents, grandma, and aunt & uncle purchased us a toolerant brand miter saw and this was the first time I used it. I’m sort of addicted.

Our DIY Headboard featuring Devine Color

I purchased 1×4 pieces of high quality wood to ensure each would be straight to sit flush against the wall. I marked all my measurements with chalk and got to cutting.  The top & bottom cross bars were 66″ and the left & right bars were 48″.  The back board we used was a smooth beadboard and I cut to 73″ by 48″. That one was more challenging and I should have cut it at the hardware store.  I ended up having to use a mix of the miter saw and a sawzall.    After each bar was cut, I painted.  I used the same paint we had from the beams in our living room.  A flat Behr paint in Dark Granite.

Our DIY Headboard featuring Devine Color

I applied 3 coats on the tops and 2 on the sides of them.  While they dried, I started prepping the wall paper for application.  I laid out the bead board and rolled the paper on top.  I cut to the appropriate length and peeled back the paper. I started at one end, and used a smooth squeegee type item to “brush” out the air bubbles.

Our DIY Headboard featuring Devine Color

Once I had the first piece down, it was a bit of a challenge to make sure each piece after was flush against each other.  But, I did it and it’s almost seamless.  Now here’s where our brainstorming went a bit wacky.

Once we have everything done, we used Liquid Nails to adhere the painted wood pieces to the beadboard.  We had it out on our driveway for a few hours, and then went to move it into the garage at night.  Everything shifted.  We had to re-apply the Liquid Nails and place heavy items across the wood bars to ensure they didn’t move.  We let it sit in our garage for a full week to make sure EVERYTHING was dry.  When we were done, Jon was worried it would somehow weaken and shift. So, he cut some support pieces and used small finishing nails to secure them.  He made sure that the nail would not poke through the front of the wood pieces.

Our DIY Headboard featuring Devine Color

He also used a staple gun to help keep the bead board and the wood frame together, but said that was really challenging to get them to stay in place.  So, maybe skip that one 🙂

Once we had it secured, it was off to our master bedroom.  He spent a lot of time measuring, marking, and remeasuring and remarking.  He wanted to make sure that we could drill directly into studs.  Well, we couldn’t.  There wasn’t enough so it was on to plan B.  He measured and marked off areas across all 4 sides to use wall anchors.  Then, he went and marked the same with the actual headboard.  He used a Forstner drill bit to be able to sink in the screws.  Be sure you buy screws long enough to go through all the wood pieces, and have plenty leftover to secure into the wall.  When he was done, he called me to assist in holding it into place.  Before he drilled the first screw, we both held our breath, said a small prayer, and closed our eyes.  Well, that was me. He didn’t since he was using power tools 🙂

The first 3 went in without a hitch.  some of the others were off slightly, but with each anchor having a 75lb weight limit, we figured we’d be alright.  Each side had at least one.  When we finished, we used some DAP to cover back up the holes, then sanded & gave a coat of paint to hide the white DAP.

Our DIY Headboard featuring Devine Color

Our DIY Headboard featuring Devine Color

I LOVE our new headboard.  It’s massive, but it  fits the room perfectly.  The grays tie in with the rest of the wall paint & our bedding beautifully.  The gray is masculine, but the shimmer of the Devine Color Weave Wallpaper (this is Mirage & Silver) offers a great feminine touch.  Overall, the project had us flex our mind muscle.  But we did this together, and we are both so proud!


Materials for our DIY Headboard

  • 4 1×4 lumber (2 66″ long, 2 48″ long)
  • Beadboard (73″ x 48″)
  • Miter saw
  • Power drill
  • Forstner drillbit
  • Staple gun (and staples)
  • Finishing nails
  • Hammer
  • 1/4″ wood pieces cut for support
  • Paint
  • Liquid Nails
  • Devine Color Wallpaper
  • Scissors
  • Squeegee


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